Thursday, June 5, 2008

Avon Berry Mint Foot Care Giveaway

This is surely suitable for every mama, if you are tired all day long. I am sure you would love to soak your feet in nice Avon Berry Mint. This is one "Berry nice feet giveaway" that you must find out about how to win one for yourself.

I have not pampered myself for a long time. I love to soak in a warm tub and listen to soft music while sipping glass of wine or fresh juice.

What's the giveaway consists of ?
1 Purple Blow Up Foot Tub
1 Berry Mint Foot Scrub
1 Berry Mint Moisturizing Foot Cream
1 Berry Mint Foot Soak

It's easy bitsy to win it, just blog about it or email your friends about this and don't forget to cc her back at her email which you can find in the contest.

Contest closed 18 June and Winner to be pick by 20 June this year.

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