Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Giveaway time by Maternal Spark

Oh yeah this is giveaway time where you don't want to miss out. Where is it? Check out Maternal Spark . It's Little H's birthday and she's giving away awesome stuff which worth $166 USD!

What are the awesome stuff? TEN ITEMS , check it out....
Item #1 is a sweet little purse from Original Cyn Studios. It has a lovely vintage air about it even though it was newly handmade. Retail value is $15.Item #2 is a lovely set of leaf inspired brass toned earrings from Ciara Obscura. I love the little crystals hanging from them - so elegant! Retail value is $45.Item #3 is an indulgent, Arbonne aromatherapy bath product from Kim at MK Skincare. Retail value $18
Item #4 is a tutu so sweet you could munch up it's candy colored red and white stripes. Stacy at Sara Rose tutus donated this and it normally retails for $20.Item #5 is a handmade Jingle Block which almost didn't make it into the giveaway because I'm in love with it. I was so tempted to give it to little H and send Lia of My Kangaroo a cheque for it's retail value of $20.
Item #6 is a precious pair of handmade baby booties from ValMade - retail is only $10, what a great price for these tootsie covers!Item #7 is actually three pieces - hairbows from Jamie of Bows2Cute.com, perfect for any little girls's coif - valued at $10.Item #8 is a coffee set from Hippy Dippy designs - hand made coasters and a coffee cozy to keep that bevy from burning your fingers and tables - value is $10.
Item #9 is something only a mom could have dreamed up. A security blankie in cape form. How sweet to have your little one drape this over their shoulders as they fly around the house. The blankie cape is from Frank & Me and retails for $18.

There are four way to take part in the contest. Just take a look at her blog to find out. Contest ends on 27 June!

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