Sunday, June 15, 2008

The Net Fool June Birthday Bash

Do you know about the June Birthday Bash contest by The Net Fool ? Before telling you about his contest, I wonder if you know that I have won in his previous contest. Yeah I was the Winner of Number 23 . I did ask him if I could take part in his contest as I won in previous contest. He's fine with that!
You may notice that this contest is different from his previous contest which has prizes like ad space, entrecard credits. You don't need that any more as you want REAL prizes!

He's celebrating his 19th Birthday and there's no better way to celebrate by having such June Birthday Bash!

I am eyeing on Flip Video Mino. I am sure you like the Brand New Flip Video Mino and a $50 MLRewards Card! Do you know about Market Leverage? If you have not heard about it, you can check out The Net Fool blog, he has some explaination about it.

To take part in his Birthday Bash is pretty easy just take a look below:

-Mandatory –> Registration and 1 Ticket: Subscribe to our RSS feed via email
-1 Ticket per Submission: Submit one of our posts to social media networks Digg, StumbleUpon and/or Mixx
-15 Tickets: Make a 300+ word blog post that links back to this contest at and Market Leverage
-25 Tickets: Create a video and submit it to YouTube

The contest has started and ending on 25 June.

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