Sunday, June 8, 2008

Whose your favourite dad bloggers contest

Yeah you have read this title correctly and last month if you have missed out the Favourite Mom Bloggers contest. Nevermind here's your chance to tell the world whose your Favourite Dad Bloggers contest . Personally, I don't know many dad blogger and there's only one in my mind. Which is Guardian Angel whose the blogger owner of Happy Family Matters & Human Blogging Tips .

Talking about Guardian Angel this is his pen name and do you know that he has been married for 12 years. Wow, I didn't know about that but I am sure he's a loving father and a husband. He has two children and there's one post that I like is that do not marry someone that you can live, marry someone that you cannot live without. If you are looking for this post it's under title The woman I married to for 12 years.

I am taking this chance to say that I love my dad whose now learning Internet and maybe in future about blogging. My dad is the Breadwinner. Oh mom, I love you too. I just can't choose between both of you. I love you both!

Back to the contest, if you like to take part in it just click on the link above. Contest ends on 15 June this year.


Dette said...

That is so sweet!!

Dette said...

Hey girl - drop by here when you get a chance?