Friday, August 29, 2008

4000 Entrecard Credit Giveaway

Yeah you are reading this correctly, there's no mistake about the 4000 Entrecard Credit Giveaway . It's happening at The Axis Of Stevil .

The Prizes:

1st. 2,500 EC Credits, a review of your blog, and a link in my blogroll.

2nd. 1,000 EC Credits, and a link in my blogroll.

3rd. 500 EC Credits.

How To Qualify:

1. Write an article about this contest on your blog using the trackback link.

2. Stumble, digg, or twitter your favorite article on my site.

How To Win:

I will select 3 winners from the qualyfing entries. The three winners will first be announced on Sunday, Sept the 7th on The Axis Toolbar messages. Then on Monday, the 8th I will make a post announcing the three winners. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize will be awarded based on which winner replies first either to the Toolbar message or the blog post. Downloading The Axis Toolbar is not a requirement to win, but it will give you an early notice and thus, increase the winners chance of getting the top prize.

If you have not yet downloaded the Toolbar, you should check it out. It has many cool features, including a built in media player that will allow you to listen to radio stations or The Axis of Stevil Show while you surf the web. It also alllows you to receive occasional updates from the site and chat with other Axis of Stevil readers. It is a free download, and is compatible with IE or Firefox.

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