Friday, August 22, 2008

August Giveawy Contest

Yeah its still the month of August so there's are many giveaway. I found one to share with you. This is nice contest where you can win great prizes. The contest is open for international blogger, so not to worry if you that going to miss the chance to win. Check out blogs Stranded Life and I Heart Reviews .

What you’ll get:

One time:
You can get EC credits and/or points by doing tasks 1-5 and your points will be accumulated for monthly prizes.

Dropper of the Day – 100 credits + 2 points []

Top Advertiser – most number of days to advertise on my blog. – 1000 EC credits

Grand Draw:
August 31, 2008

3 WINNERS of Hosting and Domain [1 year plan] [.com, .net, .org]

Hosting so far…

About this Contest . Its easy to take part...

What you can DO:

1. Link my 2 blogs on your blogroll and you will receive 50 EC credits + 2 points for each link.

2. Subscribe to my feed via email – 10 EC credits + 3 point

3. Fave me on Technorati – 5 points (x2 if you do this for each of my blog)

4. Write a post about this contest – 10 points each post [minimum of 100 words] *Blogs should at least be almost a month old* kindly insert my other blog too []

5. Drop on my Entrecard Regularly –chance to be dropper of the day

6. Top 5 Entrecard Advertiser of the Month (applicable for both of my blogs) | advertise on my blog and get 10 points each ad u purchase [comment here to tell me that you purchase something.]

Easy right? Just followed the steps and you are able to stand a chance to win the Prize! I have done my part and now its your turn...

You want to know whose the Sponsors? Check below :)

:grin: SPONSORS :grin:


:flower: Vis Vires - 500 EC Credits :flower:

:flower: Crissy’s Zone - 500 EC Credits :flower:

:flower: Crissy’s Library - 500 EC Credits :flower:

:flower: Crissy’s Haven - 500 EC Credits :flower:

:flower: ? - Hosting Plan :flower:

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