Monday, August 11, 2008

Get Lucky Huge 4000 EC Giveaway

Oh yeah this is the moment everyone is waiting for. Get Lucky is celebrating its 99th post just one post away from 100th post! I am sure you want to know more about Get Lucky Huge 4000EC Giveaway .

So what's the Prize?

At least 10 Entrecards to the first 100 participants.

100 Entrecards to a random 10 participants.

500 Entrecards to 2 participants with the best Luck related articles linking to me.

1000 Entrecards for 1 random participant.

I will write a post with the winners of the 100, 500 and 1000 Entrecard prizes with links to your sites.

The random winners will probably be chosen by someone else such as my wife or kids to prevent any biases unless I find a better way such as using .

This contest will end on August 24th and I hope to post the results and give out the prizes soon after that. Just one last note, I will only give out the 1000 Entrecard top prize if I there are 100 participants in the contest and the 100 Entrecards prizes if there are at least 50 participants.

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