Thursday, August 7, 2008

"Getting Approved" Contest @DatMoney

Oh yeah its very easy to take part in the contest, all you have to do is getting approved. Getting Approved and you are on your way to win a Nintendo Wii . It's all happening at DatMoney and make sure that you blog about the contest and link to his other blog

So how to take part in the contest?

Ways to Enter:

Subscribe to my RSS Feeds by e-mail (1 entry) – For those of you guys who are already subscribed via e-mail all you have to do is comment below (with the same e-mail you’re subscribed with) so I know you’re an active reader who actually wants to participate in this contest. And if you’re a new subscriber, make sure you comment below as well because that’s how you officially enter this contest.

Subscribe by e-mail for a chance to win a Nintendo Wii:

I’m doing this because a bunch of subscribers subscribed via e-mail but I’m sure they never check it anymore. Of course, I want the active readers to win!

Blog bout the contest (2 entries) - I always want to give an option for you guys who write posts with backlinks. Just write a blog post with a backlink to the contest post, and my other blog and you’ll get 2 entries. Simple as that.

Sign up for Market Leverage through my Affiliate Link (5 entries) – Believe it or not, you need to get approved to be a publisher with Market Leverage and once you are, you’ll get a referral code so I know you signed up through me. Here’s the catch, you need to make at least $1.00 USD for you to qualify.

It’s easy though, just send out an e-mail submit campaign to a few of your friends and have them sign up. This will benefit you more than me because you’ll be getting paid as well! And if you need help, I’ll do my best to work with you as well. But here is my affiliate link.

Sign up for Payperpost through my Affiliate Link (5 entries) – Now, I’m not a huge, huge fan of PayPerPost but I figured their process of “Getting Approved” is pretty good. Also, it doesn’t hurt to make some extra cash for your chance to win a Nintendo Wii.

Besides signing up through my affiliate link, you also need to get approved by PayPerPost and actually write up a sponsored review. Once you are official I will see it on my end and you’ll get 5 entries to win a Wii. Here is my affiliate link.

Sign up and play online poker (15 entries) – For all of you poker players, where are you at? I’ve been trying to play with you guys! Well, if you sign up for Full Tilt Poker through my affiliate link and earn at least 100 FTPs, you’ll get 15 entries to win this Nintendo Wii. FTP is Full Tilt Points which is accumulated quickly the more you play. Matter of fact, it can be done within an hour and you can win some money!

Matter of fact, I’ll sit and play with you guys so we can all gain FTPs together! And the more you earn, the more Full Tilt Poker credits your initial deposit back! So, if you’re good enough (and I can even talk you through it) you won’t be paying a dime. It’s a win, win, win situation. Here’s my affiliate link to FTP.

I told you this contest is all about “Getting Approved!” But it’s not only that. I did this for an incentive for you guys to earn some extra cash and stop procrastinating like I do. You can make some extra cash while getting a chance to win this lovely Nintendo Wii!

If you guys don’t like these options, I’ll come up with additional ones. But I’m sure a majority of you guys will just subscribe via e-mail, and if you do, make sure to comment below when you have done so. That will be your official entry after you have signed up and verified.

Contest Deadline: August 29, 2008 midnight EST.

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