Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I found TrafficXplode 2.0

I was drawn in to the idea of getting free traffic for my sites. So, I spent a lot of time researching for that particular topic. Have you ever wonder why some sites are so popular all of the sudden? What is it that makes those sites popular in such a short period of time?

I spent serious time researching and thinking a lot about this free traffic stuffs.

I finally arrived at the conclusion. Here are the elements that all the popular websites have
- Coolness factor – this one is obvious, you may be wondering how you could add coolness factor to your site and I think you will be surprise after I reveal this idea that you don’t need to be like Myspace or Youtube to be cool. In other word, coolness is not just about being trendy and having the look.

- Built-in Viral Mechanism – take a look a hotmail it is a pretty good example of built in viral mechanism. It started of by some dude offering free email service and the next thing you know almost every one on this planet has hotmail account. What made Hotmail so successful was the built-in viral mechanism it has. The person signed up for hotmail started sending emails to their friends and email recipients will that small ad on the bottom saying that he or she can sign up for free. And you know, the process of self advertising started over and over. The best part is that you they didn’t have to spend much money on advertising.
- Value – this one is critical element, without this element no amount of coolness factor or viral mechanism will make up for this. Let just say what if hotmail did not offer free email service in the first place what if they just sent out messages to people asking them to sign up without offering any kind of value, what would that do to Hotmail? People would laugh at their faces, right?

Now after I have arrived at this conclusion, it was a time for me to make use of this information.

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