Friday, August 8, 2008

New Contest @SunEGirl Loves To Shop

I am sure everyone loves this contest, especially gals. This is new contest@SunEGirl Loves To Shop . So what are you going to win in this contest? First check out the pic above. That's the Grand Prize! What's more?


$20.00 Target Gift Card
500 Entrecard Credits
Heart Locket Necklace with 2 Charms
125x125 button on this blog for one month

Again, the top three in the points standing will receive 300 Entrecard Credits each, but the Grandprize will be awarded to one person by random drawing. (if there is a tie, the credits will be split evenly)

The rules are simple:
Comments on a post=1pt(you can earn points for each real comment that you leave, not just good or cool) Can be on any post from August 4th-August 25th. That's 3 whole weeks that you can leave comments and earn points.

For more info, head on to the blog and find out yourself.

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