Friday, August 29, 2008

Win a review worth $50

I found a contest which you might interested to take part. Easy Contest with just email subscription to The WWW Blog.

You can win a review in this blog which is normally worth $50 if you buy the post and you might win it for free.

Update: 2nd winner would get a 125×125 ad spot in the sidebar for a month, which is worth $20.
3rd winner would get a free sidebar link for a month which is worth $10.

*** BONUS - Every subscriber will get a free Ebook “Basic SEO for Wordpress” written by me, for FREE. So subscribe to at least get the ebook, and you will win the review if lucky.***

win a free review

What do i have to do?
You just have to subscribe to my email version of feed, activate it and reply here using the same email address and mention which site of yours needs to be reviewed. Just one site.
If you are already a subscriber, then you just have to comment using the same email address with which you have subscribed before.

And this will run for 10 days i.e. till 9th September Midnight. And the winner will be announced and emailed.
So it’s very easy to enter the contest, just subscribe and reply and you can be lucky to win.

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