Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Win up to $50 Paypal Simply by Commenting

Oh yeah you have read the title correctly, this is another contest which you have been waiting for. If you love to comment in blogs you better do it at this blog. Why? First let me tell you that the contest held at Another .

If you noticed, the title said up to $50. There’s a catch, of course. He will put in one dollar for each person who enters his contest. So if only 20 people enter then the prize pool will be $20. But if 50 or more enter, then the cash prize will be $50.

Check out the Prizes!!

First prize: Up to $50 paid through Paypal

Second prize: At least 1,000 Entrecard Credits (I will be giving away all the Entrecard credits I earn this month so it’s projected to be at least 1,000 EC.

Third and Fourth prize: 125×125 advertising for one month

Fifth and Sixth prize: Blogroll link for one month

I know this contest isn’t huge with giveaways that equal $50,000 or whatever but it’s extremely easy to enter.

Here’s how to enter:

1 entry - Comment on this post. As you can see, I don’t have many people commenting so if only six people comment here then you are almost guaranteed at least one of these prizes.

5 entries – Subscribe to my RSS Feeds via e-mail. Not only will you get a chance to win in this contest but you’ll get a chance to win FREE weekly advertising just for staying subscribed. Read here for more details for the free advertising for e-mail subscribers.

Enter your e-mail for a chance to win $50 and FREE weekly advertising:
10 entries – Write a blog post about the contest linking to my homepage and this contest post.

Contest ends on 29 August.

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Jason said...

Pretty cool! If you're interested in winning a Nintendo Wii, I have a contest at

Hope you check it out!