Saturday, April 4, 2009

Do you notice Paid Ads in queue?

Tell me if you have notice the paid ad queue in the Entrecard when you want to accept ad for the Entrecard. Do you approve it? It is my first time seeing it and I think I have approve it and who is the one going to pay for the paid ad?

Anyone can provide me more info? Please share with you view with me.



RE Ausetkmt said...

the point in making it look like the regular entrecard ad queue is to get you to approve it Sherry - without thinking that it's a different column. in other words, trick you into approving ads.

it happened to me around midnite last nite, when I thought I was approving ads for my entrecard widget site queue; but instead was approving paid ads.

btw, the paid ads do not improve your site popularity rating nor your price point. they simply steal bandwidth and pay the owners of entrecard - not you.

so you in essense Are Paying For Those Ads.

Sherry said...

thank for telling me, I agree with you about the paid ads.