Monday, October 5, 2009

Gaming platforms

Lately I am so busy playing games online, I find out that I am not very good with them. Tell me if you are a game lover too, I am sure you know about the gaming platforms better than me. If you know anyone that like to play games, I am sure they know about Wii.

With Internet access today, most people are playing games at their work or at home. I know some friends headed to games centre to play. At the moment I am only having ps1, I still have the games. My friend keeps asking me to buy ps3 so that she can play too. I think ps3 is cheaper now but I am not sure how much it is selling here. I find this site useful with the ps3 information.

I have a friend and her son loves playing games and they have xbox 360 to play. After work she will return home to play the games with her son. They know the games better than me, they can compare the price online and I know shopping online is convenient plus you save load of money from going out.

So let me know which is your favourite platform games, I prefer ps3 as I think it is not much difference with ps1. I am sure everyone knows of Playstation 3. Modern Warfare 2 is the first time I got to know about this. I am so excited to let my friends know about this site.

If you are crazy about computer games like me, head on to this site to see more.

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