Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Honey With Sunshine gift box

Looking for gift for loved ones or even just for yourself? It's Tuesday and soon my son has got tuition online classes, good to spend a moment here with you sharing is caring. There's this nice Honey With Sunshine gift box from Jungle House, it's limited edition and it's available in Malaysia now. We all know the goodness of honey, boost your immunity with a tasty honey!Jungle House provides all honey-based products.

With only RM70 you can purchase this set which consists of a honey soap, 3 different types of honey and a wooden stirrer also it comes with a mini Beautea -Anti-Oxidants. Just click on the link now to shop it for your loved ones or for yourself. Click on the link now to see for yourself.This honey is sold at RM83, but now you can purchase it at RM70. Don't miss out this great promo, click on the link above.

Honey is nice products as we know and it's good for skincare too and honey is good for health too. Everyone has got their budget and I find this is nice gift which is affordable to purchase.

Often when comes to shopping we need to think what present for loved ones on their birthday or special celebration even for anniversary or gifts for upcoming Christmas. Why not check out this limited edition gift box?

Some friends thinking what to shop for loved ones on special dates like how many days they have met etc. I think flowers are nice but this honey git box is even better because this you can use the honey soap and also taste the honey. If you want to pair this gift with a bouquet of flowers is even better! Surprise your loved ones or even reward yourself for the hard work!

In this new norm lifestyle we need to wear mask, taking hand sanitizer, wet wipes and practice social distancing too. Don't forget you need a break time too, I am not going for vacation or holidays but just staying home. What accompany me besides my family, it's also this honey gift set which I can enjoy it.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Best value bikini and bodycon dresses

 Happy Friday to dear readers and followers of my blog, there's time for planning for vacation in Malaysia and some friends already started their plans to go beach and places. Talking about going to beach, my friends have interest to shop for new bikini, sharing is caring I found the website which wholesale bikini and they have many choices of bikini for woman.So pretty prints and designs of the bikini, I am sure my friends will like it.

Extra Sexy Silver Tie Bikini Open Back Halter Collar For Girls

My friends have got hour glass body and they like to wear bodycon dresses. The website is user friendly and easy to browse and there's no just bikini available but also bodycon dresses wholesale.With many choices of bodycon dresses I like the Sensual Curves Black High Neck Bodycon Dress Plan Mask Simplicity, there's other bodycon dresses that are pretty. They have the size of S to 2XL. Do you prefer long bodycon dresses or short bodycon dresses? I think both are beautiful and short bodycon dresses can matches with nice high heels. There's BIG SALE going on at the website, have a look as there's sale as low as $2 below on the bikini and others.

Captivating Purple Backless Zipper Bodycon Dress Ruched Female Grace

Good-Looking Beige Plunge Neck Sling Bodycon Dress Nice Quality
I am happy to share this website HexinFashion that I found online to share with my friends, it's time for them to check it for themselves. Sometimes its nice to shop for loved ones and even for self. Shop by catalogue which available on the website available shapewear, dresses, sportswear, plus size, tops and pants, swimwear, underwear and lingerie.

Do you have outfit of bodycon dresses? What shoes do you usually match with the bodycon dress? If you have wearing high heels, I think it's nice to match with flats or boots or sneakers. Some of my friends would prefer to match the bodycon dresses with the color of their shoes.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

《笑笑力量大》鼠来宝幸运转盘 - 你中奖了!

My sis in law won the prize in the instagram contest, not just here I won too. The office of Tan Tan News is located in Solaris Dutamas,Block A. West Gate and nearby Thai Tuk Tuk same roll shop lot and its located downstair of the Pizza on Fire restaurant.

What is the prizes? Its spin and win contest so not everyday will win, there's need to hash tag and click on the link to play the spin. Sometimes not win any prize at all. Most time is winning the Red packets. Sometimes the soya beans milk.

First time I went with sister in law and my sons there. Then the 2nd time lucky my dear is free, so this time, he's the one that drive us go together. The first time I was there the parking cost RM7. We didn't stay for long as just collect the prize and leave, but car in the basement.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Wanna win food and beverage FREE for a year?

Who doesn't like to eat, now there's chance to win a year of food and beverage, lets click on the link to find out more. Yeah everything comes with terms and conditions. There's lot food to try out in the shopping mall of Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya. It's one of my favourite mall too because I like to go shopping and watch movie there too.

Friends that working nearby there can now try their luck to win, no harm trying as they often go dining there together.