Sunday, October 11, 2020

Ben 10 Vs The Universe: The Movie

 My son is Ben 10 fan, he is not the only one, when his brother was young he too was a fan. I am also a fan as I like the Ben 10 can changed to many character aliens. 

My eldest son Ben 10 toys has given to little brother to play. During the free time I have also use face paint to paint my face for his favorite Ben 10. He has many favorite and I only managed a few of it. You can viewed the video to see. There are 3 Ben 10 character aliens, can you see which they are? 

Ben 10 theme song on Tik Tok is not the same as the usual that I like to watch and listen in the animation of Ben 10. 

This one of fun kid activity that I like to do with my son, he also did coloring fun with Ben 10.