Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Info for Farra

This afternoon head to post office for registered post office for postage.


We have lunch at food court, it seems only one baby chair available.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Ah Boys to Men 2 & Item 2 info

This morning I head to post office using the Pos Express I mail out the movie pass to Eunice. Here's info of the Pos Express LG110840064MY, hope the movie pass gets to you soon. :D

Now don't forget the item 3 & 4 available at Jewelry by S. Yeah no kidding!

Item 2 is mailed out by registered post to MISS CHOCOLATE. RD182266075MY.


Friday, March 22, 2013

Ah Boys to Men 2 complimentary pass giveaway!

I love giveaway just like you, you can take part in how to win Ah Boys to Men 2 complimentary pass giveaway from me. It is easy check out the review of Ah Boys to Men 2 and comment why you wants to watch this movie! You also need to follow my blog NameSherry on Bloglovin, you can click on the right bar of it when you scroll down the page.

You can watch the movie at GSC, TGV or MBO, it depends on where this movie is screening. I have one complimentary pass for you to go counter to exchange of two movie passes to watch this movie!

You need to have an address in Malaysia for postage of Ah Boys to Men 2 complimentary pass!

Leave your comment below this post, once you are done! Be the first to do it now if you want to win, don't forget to leave your email address to contact you. :D


Monday, March 18, 2013

Item 3 & 4 available@JewelrybyS

If you are looking for giveaway check out my other blog now as only item 3 and 4 available. For my blog followers. :D

Your chance to grab Hello Kitty shoes stud, yeah each item consists of a pair!

Click above link now for more detail :D


Wednesday, March 13, 2013 having contest

If you love contest, and love having photos with your baby or toddler. It is time to check out their contest at the website.

For detail check out their website.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

From Paper Bag to Wall Frame photos!

I have got many paper bags and I know how to make use of them, how about you? Last year I attended the Avene workshop and I have got the Avene paper bag in hand. I keep in my cupboard and I have got photos I love to display on my wall. I decided to make use of them, I didn't want my photos to get dusty or dirty so I wrapped them before stick on the paper bag.
Below picture is the process on I make the simple Aven paper bag into a beautiful photo frame of my photos.
This is how I recycle my paper bag, you can even try it at home.

There is a ribbon on the paper back, I just tied it up and it becomes a hanger for my wall.

Have fun and try it out!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Blue handbag organizer giveaway!

Dear followers in Malaysia, I am sure you didn't forget my post on Chap Goh Mei giveaway of the red handbag organizer giveaway. Now there's is chance to win blue handbag organizer giveaway from

Just for your info, items are purchased by me!

5th Anniversary Mini GA

I am sure you are excited to know how to join, click on banner to take part. Giveaway ends on 31 March 2013, open to blogger in Malaysia.

Hadiah yang bakal dimenangi :

Tempat pertama : Cardigan labuh + Sehelai Tudung
Tempat kedua : Sehelai tudung + Kerongsang
Tempat ketiga : Inner neck + Kerongsang

3 pemenang saguhati

Kerongsang x 3 orang pemenang

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Postage of Prize in POST OFFICE

This morning I head to Post Office, I didn't know that the Carrefour named now AEON having sales on the Carrefour products. If you are looking for M size Carrefour Diapers can head to AEON subang Jaya, one pack only RM20. Too bad does not have XL size for my baby! I am unable to buy any Carrefour brand coffee there, I think they are sold out.

The school plastic wraping for books only RM1 for a roll, it is very cheap! I bought one roll only. :D

If you like to read VOILA magazines can go there, I saw many VOILA magazines there but mostly outdated.

Opps almost forgot of Vyonne registered number D0740066534MY.