Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Win 68,000EC at iLUVcontest First Giveaway

This is it, the moment everyone have been waiting for. My current blog post is 400th. I am celebration the 400th blog post, also new look of my blog. Since I started this blog, it is a 2 column template. Look at it now, it is three column template and I love it! There's another celebration we do not want to forget. That's New Year Celebration of 2009!

I would like to thank all sponsors for taking part in sponsoring my first contest. I have 55,000EC from sponsors and I added 13,000EC this made it a total of 68,000EC to be won long with many Ad Spaces. Marked * are sponsors added!


Grand Prize (15,000EC + 5 Ad Spaces + Text Link Ad + Blog Header)
5,000EC - iLUVcontest
2,000EC - Giveaway City
2,000EC - Stranded Life
1,000EC - Pinay Mommy Online
1,000EC - Twins Happiness
1,000EC – ScandalsPrime.com
1,000EC - simplywp.net
1,000EC - Ethan's Itenerary
500EC - Maldita.us
500EC - http://contest-love.blogspot.com/
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Blog Header by My Design Workbech (For Blogger blogs only)

2nd Prize (12,500EC + 4 Ad Spaces + Text Link Ad)
2,000EC - iLUVcontest
2,000EC – Walks with Words
2,000EC – Wonderful Things in Life
1,500EC - Glitchline *
1,000EC - Mommy Emotes
1,000EC – There is Happiness
1,000EC – wiehanne.com
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3rd Prize (9,000EC + 4 Ad Spaces + Text Link Ad)
2,000EC - iLUVcontest
2,000EC - sweet..pretty..naughty
1,000EC – Blessings and Beyond
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4th Prize (7,500EC + 4 Ad Spaces + Text Link Ad)
1,500EC – Seek No More
1,000EC – iLUVcontest
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1,000EC – The Ruby Posts
1,000EC – Sweety tots
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5th Prize (7,000EC + 3 Ad Spaces + Text Link Ad)
1,000EC – Moolah Musings
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6th Prize (6,500EC + 3 Ad Spaces + Text Link Ad)
1,000EC – I Luv Contests
1,000EC – Singaporean in London
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7th Prize (4,500EC + 3 Ad Spaces + Text Link Ad)
1,000EC – Life and Scraps
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8th Prize (3,500EC + 3 Ad Spaces)
1000EC – Online Biz and Resources
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9th Prize (2,500EC + 3 Ad Spaces + Half Banner)
1000EC – Lourdes’ Mia
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10th Prize (2,000EC + 3 Ad Spaces + Half Banner)
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Half banner – Online Giveaway Contests Directory

1) Blogs Contest must be at least 3 months old, if not the post will be rejected.
2) *Required* has to be done or else what you do will not be counted
3) Sponsors are allow to take part in the contest
4) Winners will be select using the random.org
5) Comments in following way

Your New Year Resolution:
Email you used to subscribe:
Blog Post:
Technorati Username:
Blogs you have fave:
Banner location & url:
Blogger follower:
Twitter Username:
Tweet Link:
Total points:

How to join this contest?

1) Leave a comment telling me “What is your new year resolution? (2 points) *Required*
2) Subscribed to iLUVcontest feed via email and confirm your subscription.

Enter your email address:

Delivered by FeedBurner

Leave in comment about which email you have used to subscribed (2 points)*Required*
3) Blog about contest with sponsors on the list, make sure all links are “do follow”(5 points) *Required* (you can post it on multiple blogs to earn more entries)
4) Fave iLUVcontest blog Add to Technorati Favorites(1 point)*Optional*
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Contest starts on 31 December 2008 to 31 January 2009 (12pm Malaysia time)
Winners will be announced after a week of the contest ends.

Autosave failed

Since last night I have working on the Prizes for my first contest. I am using blogger to save the post first. Then just now I realized that "Autosave Failed". I do not know what went wrong. Anyone have got such experience before? What do you do about it?

This is my 399 post and next post will be the contest! If you like to check out the sponsor lists of my contest. You can click on 392 post. This is one contest that I am not winning and I cannot take part in my own contest. Well, I am happy to say that there will be Winners in my contest first contest.

I hope to post the 400th post at 12 midnight. Just four hours to go.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy New Year Photo Blog Contest Giveaway

Currently this is my 398 post and I am so happy to tell you that I have got 55,000 EC sponsor. There are total of 93 items from sponsors and I am also throwing 13,000EC myself and ad spaces too. Just watch out my first contest contest on 31 Dec.

My friend Rick is having a Happy New Year Photo Blog Contest Giveaway, it is easy to take part in his contest. All you have to do is leave a comment on his contest post describing what you would use the free postcards and canvas print for.


250 Postcards for 2 Lucky Readers and 1 free 18×24 canvas print for one reader ( 3 winners total ). You can choose from any of our stocks for these items.


Winners in the United States and Canada qualify for free shipping. Shipping fees will apply to winners outside these areas.

Winners will be selected using Random.org and will be notified via email within 7 days after contest ends.

Each contestant will be limited to one entry. Multiple comments are permitted but will not count towards the final drawing.

Contest starts today and will end on January 31, 2009 at 11:59pm EST.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

January Feed Contest @xoxjanellexox.net

This is my 397 post and I am so excited that I am going to start my contest next week. Janelle is having contest at her blog as well. It is January Feed Contest @xoxjanellexox.net . You get to win great prize. So how to take part?

1. [10 Entries] Subscribe in the email notification of my site. A contestant may only subscribe once. [Subscribe Here]
2. [2 Entries] Blog about the contest, be sure to include the links of the sponsors. You'll get 2 entries per blog post. By the way, the blog must be at least a month old.
3. [2 Entries] Link my sites. You'll get 2 entries per link.
4. [2 Entries] Technorati Fav my sites. You'll get 2 entries per technorati fav.

http://xoxjanellexox.net - link | fave
http://phinkness.com - link | fave
http://phinkness.info - link | fave
http://pink-flower.org - link | fave


$ 10 Paypal Cash
500 EC by http://phinkness.com
500 EC by Funny Pictures
500 EC by Blogger Hacks
1 month 468x60 Banner Advertisement at http://xoxjanellexox.net
1 month 125x125 Banner Advertisement at http://contest-love.blogspot.com


Kindly submit your entries in the following format at phinkness@gmail.com with a title "January Feed Contest".

Subscribed: [youremailhere]
Blogged: [links of blog entries]
Linked: [list where you've linked me]
Technorati Fave: [technorati user]

*Only those who sent their emails are counted as participants in the contest

The contest will end on January 30, 2009 and the announcement the of winner will be on January 31. The method of choosing the winner is via Random.Org.

Friday, December 26, 2008

It' is going to be triple celebration

First I like to say that I am so excited that my contest is going to start soon. It is going to be a triple celebration and I am still thinking of the title for the contest. It is about my blog post reach 400th post. Also the new looked on this blog as well as the New Year of 2009. As you can see the current post is only 396, pretty soon it is going to be 400th post.

I am so happy that I have got 89 items on the list. There are EC, ad space, text links, banner, and blog header. This is going to be contest that everyone be looking forward to take part. Right now, I think everyone is having a holiday mood.

This December everyone must have spent a lot money on buying gifts and presents. I know this is a busy month for everyone. Did you manage to control your spending? When comes to money, where do you seek help? I do seek help from family as they are the first person I will approach.

I know some of my friends do not like to seek help from family. To them friends will be the one they first approach for help. If friends are willing to help that is great. Sometimes even friends helping out will not be enough. That is why some people have turn to online loans like Payday Loans ABC . It is where they get a fast cash advance loan up to $1,500 delivered into their checking account within 24 hours. That is why we need to control our spending. Some money are mean to use for emergencies.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Blog Contest - Pay it Forward

I am sure you love to take part in contest. I found this Blog Contest - Pay it Forward where you get the chance to win iPod and helping charity at the same time. It is time to win money for your charity & a few goodies for yourself.


1st Prize $500 To The Charity of Your Choice, 8G iPod Nano ($135 Value)

2nd Prize $100 To The Charity of Your Choice, iPod Shuffle ($70 Value)

3rd Prize Mystery Prize (Unknown Value)

It is so easy to take part in this contest.

1. Simply comment on this contest post with “WHY’ you feel you should win, or creatively choose a way to comment that you think will set you a part. 1 entry

2. Post about this contest on Your Site. 2 entries

3. Pay It Forward by telling three people about this contest. 3 entries (Just put the words ‘Paid It Forward’ at the end of your comment and we will trust that you did!)

Each entrant can have a maximum of 6 entries only.

Start Date: Contest Officially Starts Now & Ends Jan.5th/2009 23:59 CST

Don't just read here, click the link to find out more.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Are you Winners of Serrandinho Contest ?

This is 394 post on this blog and you can see that I have put a list of sponsors on my left bar. Now I have over 53,500 EC sponsors. So total items from sponsors are 89 items.

Do you still remember the Serrandinho Contest ? You might want to check out if you have won from Serrandinho Contest. I am

Winner 2: Sherry (8800 credits)

Sponsors use this link to pay the winner: I Luv Contest

received 2000 EC from B’coz I’m a Baby

1000 EC from WebbieStuffs

1000 EC from When I Wander Blog

1000 EC from ILovePhilippinesToo Blog

1000 EC from My Travels and Explorations

1000 EC from Multiply Themes and Layouts

received 1000 EC from Pinoy Copy Writer

I have received 300 EC from Thoughts & Beyond

500 EC from Maldita

Thursday, December 18, 2008

I am Thankful

First I like to tell you how I happy I am with this blog makeover. I am happy that Cathy was able to do this before my contest start. She is also one of my sponsor in upcoming contest. She's going to sponsor "Blog header". I am sure you are looking forward for my contest.

This is the 393 posts and still sometimes before I can reach 400th post. That won't be long as I am happy to see the response from the sponsors. So far I have got 72 items on the lists, there are 39,500EC . There are 21 ad spaces and 6 text links.

My Internet Service Provider is giving a hard time to stay connect online. I just hope everything goes well as plan. I am planning on my contest to start on 31 December to 31 January. Don't forget that I am accepting sponsors until 25 December because I need time to sort the item into Prizes. I know I have taken part in many contest but I am first time handling a contest. I am thankful having kind sponsors in my sponsor list.

Everyone needs to have time off. I need to take a break from what I am doing now. Sometimes I am feeling bored and I will just go browse for games and I found this Online Slots . They offer an informative section on Slot machine manufacturers and slot tournaments. If you like to play slots you can check this site for information.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

392 Looking for Sponsors Contest

Well, if you are wanting to sponsor contest you have come to the right place. As I mention in my another contest blog that I am looking for sponsor for my upcoming 400th Post for this blog. Which mean now is 392 post and once it reached 400th post is where the contest going to start.

Give me some ideas whether I should have the contest started for 2 weeks or 1 month? Usually I see most contests happening for a month then it end.

Becoming sponsors is not easy as you think! First you need to be responsible about the Prize you are giving. I am not kidding here, because I know everyone who took part in the contest have put their effort doing so. It's the Sponsor responsibility to see that they Winner gets their Prize.

I will let the Winners know about who to contact for their winning Prize. I do hope Sponsors and myself can work together. It's my first time holding a contest!

So far on the list now there's one response of sponsoring my 400th post contest at iLuvContest. Please leave email contact and what you love to sponsor in comment. I will post it here.

  1. two half ad banners at Online Giveaway Contests Directory contestspot.blogspot.com
  2. 500 EC for Tukang Cari Info
  3. from mommy rubz
    Pinay Mommy Online - 1000EC
    Mommy Emotes - 1000EC
    Blessings and Beyond - 1000EC
    The Ruby Posts - 1000EC
    Moolah Musings - 1000EC
    I Luv Contests - 1000EC
    Life and Scraps - 1000EC
    Online Biz and Resources - 1000EC
    Lourdes' Mia - 1000EC
  4. TH sponsor 1000EC for twins happiness

    1000EC for there is happiness

    ad space a month 125x125 also mommy

  5. from Jade

    1000 ec credits from Ethan's Itenerary http://itineraryofmylife.blogspot.com/
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    1000 ec credits from Barack Obama Online http://www.barackhusseinobamaonline.com
    1000 ec credits from Pinay Jade Dot Com http://pinayjade.com
    1000 ec credits from Crafty Pinay http://craftypinay.com/
  6. from Jade 1000 ecs from Life of a Manila Gurl - http://chie-manilagurl.blogspot.com/
  7. Wonderful Things In Life - 2000 EC
    My Life's Adventure - ad space for 1 month
    A Message From My Heart - ad space for 1 month
    The Joy Of Life Forever - ad space for 1 month
    The Fountain Of Happiness - ad space for 1 month
    Love Is A Perfect Gift - ad space for 1 month
  8. 500 EC from NetBucks
  9. ad space 1 month 125x125 that blog 4 me
  10. ad space 1 month 125x125 Travel blog
  11. from indo 1 month text link ad at RapidShoots.com
    1000 EC's from IndoContest.com
    1000 EC's from ScandalsPrime.com
    1000 EC's from Affiliatizer.com
  12. from sweetytots
    sweet..pretty..naughty 2000ec

    Sweety tots 1000ec
  13. from wiehanne 1,000 EC credits from simplywp.net
    1,000 EC credits from wiehanne.com
    1,000 EC credits from medandaily.com
  14. From: Better Interpersonal Communication

    sponsor a 125x125 ad for a month on each

    Better Interpersonal Communication

    Gift Reviews

    Free Famous Quotes
  15. 1000EC from Singaporean in London
  16. from Mys 1000 ec credits from Thoughts and Obsessions http://www.writtenbymys.com
  17. from Dhadha
    500EC Maldita.us
    500EC I-Heart-Contest.com
    500EC KissMeMwah.net
  18. from nita
    Text ad for 1 month
    www.nitasrandomthoughts.info - Nita's Random Thoughts
    www.nitascorner.info - Nita's Corner
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    www.healthylivingandlifestyle.com - Healthy Living and Lifestyle

    125x125 ad spot for 1 month
    www.erlindascorner.info - Erlinda's Wandering Thoughts
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    http://wathomejobs.com - Make Money Online
    www.downeastartscenter.org - Arts and Entertainment Center
    http://boholparadise.blogspot.com - Bohol Paradise
    http://philboardexamresults.blogspot.com - PRC Board Exam Results
  19. BM 1,000 EC ~ Make Money Online
  20. Dhyarga 500 EC Apa kamu berani melihat blog saya ini? dhyarga.com
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    Makoy's Memoirs Of A Certified Blogger - 1000 EC
    Makoy's Take On The Arts & The Entertainment - 1000 EC
    The Certified Pinoy Blogger - 1000 EC
    Make Money Online With Makoy - 1000 EC
  30. from Nelle 2,000EC Stranded Life
  31. from showbiz 500 EC - Showbiz Juice

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  32. from Julia 500 EC

    500 EC
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  39. Glitchline 1,500EC
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    500 Ec from blogger widgets 1000 Ec from Funny Pictures

Entrecard credits sponsor be no less than 500EC. Sponsors please check above list if its correct. Also check your blog links please.

Please be informed that ALL LINKS ARE "DO FOLLOW"! I will making a list of sponsors on my left bar soon.


Edit: 17 Dec Sponsors with EC which have not send to me can keep the EC to themselves. You may send the EC to Winners.

Total EC from sponsors : 58,000 as 1 Jan 2009

I plan to start the contest on 31 Dec to 31 Jan 2009.

NOT ACCEPT ANY MORE NEW SPONSOR as contest has started.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Scarty''s 2008 Holiday Giveaways

Yeah this month of December has many giveaways waiting for you to take part. Here's one which is Scarty's 2008 Holiday Giveaways where you stand the chance to win lovely keychains. Above are the sample of keychains that you can win.

What to win:
You can select your 3 favorite keychains from these 3 categories Digital Photo Keychains (you can choose from $19.99 ones), Ford Mustang Keychains and Ford Keychains. The winners can engrave the back of the Keychains (three lines 12 characters) with a personalized message; if that option is available on the selected product you are about to received.

There will be 3 Winners as she is
choose them via Random.org to ensure that no one feels left out and to run the contest smoothly.

Don't just read here take part now, contest ends on Jan 3, 2009.


Just want to remind myself that there's the result on contest which I took part on 15 Dec.

I thought there's one but I check again there are two contests. Both I took part. The second contest which I am referring to is that I am in the list number 15. I was trying to referral some blogger friends to take part looks like I did not succeed. So I did myself a favor by doing the bonus.

So for now, we'll just wait and see.

Saturday's evening

It has been a quiet day today as my sister is not around. I went out for window shopping this afternoon. So now I am kind of bored as I do not see much contest happening. There are contests which ended and waiting for the result. So I am just thinking about what to do then.

I am thinking about going to Genting Higlands which located at Pahang, Malaysia. It's one of the famous holiday spot for tourist. I think most tourist visit there because of the theme parks and the casino there. The last time I was there is the year 2000. During that time I do not know there is such online casino.

I think they are still people that did not know that they can check out online Casino using the Internet. Not many people know that this site provide with casino review information on things like casino bonus offers and online casino software.

Some people might try their luck to win some money. I think it's best to know when is the play to start play and stop playing. It is just like games which you started playing and then you did not want to stop there. I think this is quite common. What do you think?

Raining outside

Yeah its early morning now and I can hear there's rain outside. So happened that I drank a coffee which making me so full right now. I can't really fall asleep like that. Best way to do is blogging now. I love to drink coffee these days and they make me can't sleep sometimes.

So if I am awake now. Tomorrow my parents will be here. I like to take this chance telling everyone Happy weekend.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holiday glass frames

It's time to shop for Christmas and shopping is fun for your loved ones. Don't you think you have a list waiting for you to shop? Tell me if you have them I love to view them. Time for my sister to check out the Holiday Glass Frames .

My sister have got three pair of glasses and she is not bored with them. She loves glass frames! The popular online eyeglasses shop is waiting for her to choose her favourite one. Lately she have got pair of glass frames that are in red colour.

Shopping online is fun and easy, now you can buy $8 Complete Rx Eyeglasses . I know I needed one to spot the contest happening on blogsphere.

I won 4th Prize

I am so happy that my hard work turn out great. I have won 4th Prize in ThanksGiving Contest. Thank you Jade! I won 8000 EC plus 5 bonus. So what's that?

4th Prize - 8000 entrecard credits plus you get 3 bonus prizes

  1. 1000 ec credits from Fantasy Baseball Advice
  2. 500 ec credits from Mammadawg
  3. 500 ec credits from Project Runway Philippines
  4. 1000 ec credits from Fragile Heart
  5. 1000 ec credits from Singaporean in London
  6. 1000 ec credits from Dasboobs.com
  7. 1000 ec credits from Read My Mind
  8. 1000 ec credits from So Far So Good
  9. 1000 ec credits from Asian Economist
  10. 125x125 ad for 1 month at The Joy Of Life Forever
  11. 125x125 ad for 1 month at My Life's Adventure
  12. 125x125 ad for 1 month at Wonderful Things In Life
Not sure another 2 bonus is which I get.

Bonus Prizes:

Free Advertising

  1. 125x125 ad for 1 month at Blogging Hacks
  2. 125x125 ad for 1 month at Joby's blog
  3. 125x125 ad for 1 month at Blogging from Scratch
  4. 125x125 ad for 1 month at Actiwiz Dot Com
  5. Text ad for 1 month at Ragnarok Guide
  6. Text ad for 1 month at Project Runway Philippines
  7. 125x125 ad for 1 month at Proud Mommy
  8. 125x125 ad for 1 month at Beauty of Life
  9. 125x125 ad for 1 month at The Money Maker
  10. 125x125 ad for 1 month at Starts at Two
  11. 125x125 ad for 1 month at Heart Random
  12. 125x125 ad for 1 month at There is Happiness
  13. 125x125 ad for 1 month at Twinshappines
  14. 125x125 ad for 1 month at Random Chronicles
Check out my post for this contest.

Coughing badly

Yeah I am coughing badly and I need something to help me reduce the cough. Beside drinking warm water I will have to take this. It's at night that I usually take to help me sleep. Of course I finished it before falling asleep.

Tell me if you have this in your country. How much it cost? It cost about $8 here.

Friendship Tag

This is my first friendship tag from sweetytots. Thank you!

Here are the rules for this tag:

1.) Copy the badge and put it on your blog,

2.) Link back who pass you this tag,

3.) Spread this tag to at least 7 or more bloggers who you think you are friend with.

“And lovely are the blossomsThat are tended with great care,By those who work unselfishlyTo make the place more fair.And, like the garden blossoms,Friendship’s flower grows more sweetWhen watched and tended carefullyBy those we know and meet.And, if the seed of friendshipIs planted deep and trueAnd watched with understanding,Friendship’s flower will bloom for you.

Now I’m tagging:
bm,wiehanne,jade,pangeran,brillie, pearl, mariuca

I won! I won! I won!

Yeah I was busy at blogs commenting and I won 2000EC . All I have to do is make 300 comment just for one day! Yesterday I break the record of my own by having 405 comments. You can see the winning post written by sweetytots at Sweet Pretty Naughty.

You can win too all you have to do is comment in her blog by having 300 Comments in just one day! Come on tell me how tough can that be?

Check out her on going contest that is open for international!

Not enough cash

Some friends recently telling me that they do not have enough cash. I know that they are working hard to earn money. They only able to get their salary during end of the month. So what they do if they do not have enough money. They told me that they will used their credit card for spending.

I know that you can use credit cards to pay for bills as well. This is one of my friend is doing to settle the monthly payment. I know he still needs to pay the credit card payment. He is thinking about comparing other credit cards. I know there are website where you can compare credit cards online. He is interested to find out if he can transfer his current reward points to another credit card. This way he will not lose the points, or else he will need to use the points to redeem item.

My sister is using her credit card at petrol station. She did not used cash but credit cards because it's more convenient for her. She does not like to bring a lot of money out. Having a credit card is good and there is a huge responsibility in handling it as well. So remember spend wise using the credit cards.

Some of my friends love shopping and they told me they can't resist buying what they like. Now they might face having the bad credits. Anyway most website that we can check out today is available for people with good credit, and bad credit.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

U for Umbrella

It's my first time taking part in Wordless Wednesday. When you see the letter U, what can you think of? Maybe like my friend she thought of U for Universe . I am thinking of U for Umbrella because it has been rainy season here and all I need is umbrella. I do keep an umbrella in my car. Umbrella can be useful for protection too!

Let's have fun with ABC Wednesday Round 3.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Whose looking for baby carrier

Tell me if you know anyone that is looking for a baby carrier. I am sure if you are a new parent you will need this to help you carry your baby. There's a contest going on where you can Win a Free Organic Embroidered Ergo Baby Carrier Hands Free System from Along for the Ride .

Yeah don't just read here, be sure to click on the link to find out!

Good luck.

I did not win this time

I check on contests that I took part and found out that I did not win. I am not sad about it, I can still try my luck next time. They are many contests on the blogsphere. Tell me if you have won in contest before. I am sure everyone have an experience to share. I remembered my first winning and I was so happy and thrilled about it.

There are a few contest that are going on and I am trying my luck to win. Beside online contest, I do check out online games as well. Tell me if you love to play online games. The other day I went to a games center in a shopping mall. I saw many people there, the place is crowded with people and smokes too. Yeah they are smoking while playing, what's the fun in that? Personally, I will be fear going there as worry of becoming a seconded smoker.

If you like to play Online Slots . You can check them out online using your computer. What's better than playing your favourite games at your cozy space. I don't think you need to wait in queue to play that.

Thinking of playing online slot machine games? You can easily find them by using your Internet at home. This website also provides information on slot machine bonuses. My friend's brother loves playing online games, maybe she can tell her about this website. Anyway I will be checking out for contest and others.

Bought the cartridge

I have bought the printer cartridge and the cost is not cheap at all. I bought a set instead of buying one at a time. How much is that? $176.

Nobody says that the cartridge going to be cheap. I bought the genuine ones that's why. There's cheaper one but they have sold out.

My dad's cartridge is cheaper than mine as we are using different brand of printer.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Over $600 worth Prizes to be won@Online Bull

There's a contest with over $600 worth Prizes to be won @Online Bull . It's Online Bull's first contest and these are the Prizes you can win.

The Prizes

Here are the awesome prizes that are being given out.

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Don't just read here, the contest ends on 25 December 2008. Find out how you can win now!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Serradinho Contest

Hello and welcome to Serradinho contest,

I must first say that I am glad you popped in. I can assure you that signing up for the contest will take 15 minutes or less, depending on your technical skills of course. :) There are also some great prizes to be won so join now.

I know that everyone is already in the Christmas mood of buying presents for loved ones and family members that I thought it would be nice to get this contest out in this festive time. This contest is also dedicated to a good friend of my brother, I also know him personally, Dave Tippett. You can read more about him at his website, please feel free to leave a comment.


There is a total of 40 points and they are all very basic to get. This should take you 15 minutes or less. Each point represents an entry in the contest.

1. Blog about the contest along with the prizes and sponsors links and link back to this post and receive 20 points. Please supply your URL. Download the full details here of the contest and copy and paste it in your html editor. Mulitple blogs/websites mean multiple points.

2. Subscribe to Serradinho feed via Email and confirm your subscription and receive 7 points. If you are already subscribed, please leave details in your comment.

Enter your email address:

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Serradinho Contest on Now!

Serradinho Contest on Now!

Entrecard Credits: 5 winners will be selected

Now the Entrecard credits will be split between 5 random winners. All unique entries will be put in a hat and 5 will be pulled out, probably by a work colleague of mine. I have arranged with Entrecard to send the winners their credits from the sponsors account directly, less hassle for us all.

Text Ads: 2 winners will be selected

The text ads will just be split between 2 winners. The winners will be chosen by random.org and the text ads will be divided equally between the 2 winners.

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This contest ends on the 19th of December 2008 at 20:00 GTM+2. So go back to Serradinho.com after the 23rd of December and check if you are one of the winners! This will enable me enough time to sort out all the details.

Final Message

Serradinho.com reserves the right to modify the contest mechanic and prizes as we see fit and at any time. If you have any questions regarding the contest, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.

I would just like to thank all the sponsors who helped out. :) Without your help and assistance, this contest would just be a dream or an idea. To all the people who would be taking part in the contest, good luck to you all and may your festive season be fruitful.

No new sponsors will be accepted.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Knayam and WL announce $130 + contest

Here's a nice contest waiting for you at Knayam and WL announce $130 +Contest .Knayam has host a contest in association with Wordpressland where in you can win great prizes worth more than $130.

Do you know that wordpressthemes market is getting into the premium Wordpress themes market in Japan with the site wordpressland.com. If you don't know it's okay as now you know about it.

I am sure you wanna to know what you can win.

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3rd prize:

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P.S. the themes will be the english versions,the same as the demo links and not the Japanese versions.

Don't just read here, take part in the contest now as it going to ends on Jan 10, 2009.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

How to improve Grammar ?

One of my blog I think there's problem with the grammar in the post. I don't know which post is it as I need to go through all of them again. The blog I am referring to is Heart Random . By the way, have anyone think about your new year resolution ?

Having headache and flu now. So I need to take a rest now.

Stress on Christmas preparation?

Well I know this will be a busy month for everybody. I know you going to be worry if you are getting stress. No worry as my friend is sharing her post about how not to stress on Christmas. This is supposed to be the month of joy and happy.

Planning is important as will help you to be more organized and get things to work better. Only 21st days before Christmas. Don't wait but find out now how not to stress on Christmas preparation.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sit on Santa's lap and make a wish

Tell me what wish are you going to make if you are sitting on the Santa's lap. I am sure everyone have a wish and be sure to tell me yours. I like to hear from you. I wanna to wish for a lappy. Check out what my friend's wish for this coming Christmas.

Sometimes it's not about what you buy it can be something you made as well. If you can made it something special for your loved one. This is something special and I am sure your loved one will be very happy as well.

PMO's Blog Anniversary & Christmas Thanksgiving Contest

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