Monday, December 1, 2008

Having extra credit cards

Tell me what do you think of having credit card? I know that some people having more than one credit card. There's always advantage and disadvantage of having credit cards. We need to know on how much to spend and what to spend on. One of my friend was telling me that he has got his first paid from his first job and he swipe the credit card many times. He used on shopping for himself.

I am sure every credit card have it's limit on maximum amount you can spend on the credit card. That's why some of my friends are having Extra Credit Cards . I remembered one of the gals told me that the credit card did not go through and she used another credit card to get it through.

Having extra credit cards is not a bad idea. We just need to watch out for our spending. Nobody wants to end up having bad debt. My sister was worry about having bad credit credit card. I know my sister will be interested to find out about low interest credit cards.

Most friends that I know they prefer shopping using credit card than using cash. One reason which they kept telling me is that they don't have to bring so much cash. Their wallet looked thinner too and not that bulky too.

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