Thursday, December 18, 2008

I am Thankful

First I like to tell you how I happy I am with this blog makeover. I am happy that Cathy was able to do this before my contest start. She is also one of my sponsor in upcoming contest. She's going to sponsor "Blog header". I am sure you are looking forward for my contest.

This is the 393 posts and still sometimes before I can reach 400th post. That won't be long as I am happy to see the response from the sponsors. So far I have got 72 items on the lists, there are 39,500EC . There are 21 ad spaces and 6 text links.

My Internet Service Provider is giving a hard time to stay connect online. I just hope everything goes well as plan. I am planning on my contest to start on 31 December to 31 January. Don't forget that I am accepting sponsors until 25 December because I need time to sort the item into Prizes. I know I have taken part in many contest but I am first time handling a contest. I am thankful having kind sponsors in my sponsor list.

Everyone needs to have time off. I need to take a break from what I am doing now. Sometimes I am feeling bored and I will just go browse for games and I found this Online Slots . They offer an informative section on Slot machine manufacturers and slot tournaments. If you like to play slots you can check this site for information.


Chris said...

very nice header :P

jonaver said...

Hi She... Sure I'd like to sponsor your contest.

Beauty of Life - 500EC + Ad space
Money Maker - 500EC + Ad space
Starts at Two - 500EC + Ad space
Creations - 500EC + Ad space

Good luck and more power!


ilovephotoblogs said...

Love the new look! Keep rockin' Sherry..

Sherry said...

thank you rick, good luck in your contest.

The Guru said...

Hi Sherry, With reference to sponsoring your contest & to answer your comment on my site, I would like to change my sponsorship plans. Instead of 120x120 ad spot, I would now like to sponsor a 250x125 ad spot on the sidebar of Life is Delightful. Please add me in your list of sponsors and let me know! :)

Sherry said...

thank you the guru, I have make changes :)