Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Learn, Build, and Play with Lego Bricks

Do you like to play Lego? I am happy to say that now you can learn, build and play with Lego Bricks in Malaysia. Yes, they have centers available for your children to go learn, build, and play.

Last Saturday, my son and I visited the center, he had so much fun there. He told me that he wants to go again.

He likes asking me to play with him, he loves car racing!

The center is B4K, you can read more about it by click on the link.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Happy New Year and Top Commentator Contest

It's a bit late, but never too late to say Happy New Year to all my readers and visitors. I have been busy, so happy to see my bro is back but he's going back on this Sat. We'll miss him so much, I bought some stationery for twins. Love them both so I pick for both which suitable for them.

Gal's items definitely having more items from boy. lol

About Top Commentator Contest is having on and both for commentator with valid address in Malaysia for postage.