Sunday, July 3, 2016


Loving to take part in contest and giveaway, I can't wait to tell you to hop over my other blog as there's a giveaway for you to join to win the TRANSFORMERS RID HYPERCHANGE HEROES, more detail in post click on the link.

My sons love Transformers, it is sad that little brother has ruined his big brother collection. Two Optimus Prime is broken because his little brother has break it. If it is still in good shape, it can be a good collection. It is sad as one of the limited edition is a present from my dad. He bought for him as a birthday present two years back.

Do you have any toys collection? what is your favourite toys? I have got Barbie dolls but sad to say it is given away as I don't have any daughter. I have only two sons, I am ectopic mommy as my right fallopian tube has been remove during my 8 weeks pregnancy before my sons.

Some parents save money for kids to purchase books, it is good for them to take part this giveaway as toy is not cheap. Now my son is doing his homework while his little brother and dad are having afternoon nap.

We went out this afternoon for lunch and groceries shopping. We heard some ladies at court 2 Perdana coffees shop saying that LRT from USJ 6 to KLCC will take an hour to reach. We haven't try the LRT together yet, I often take LRT or KTM for travel. How about you? I just up a post on my recent media trip to Legoland Malaysia, you can click on the link to read about it.