Friday, April 10, 2015

Giveaway PROJEK APRIL by Syira Lokman

This giveaway is held at Syira Lokman blog.

Hadiah Untuk Anda 

❤- Wang tunai RM30 [Gnor.gnur]
❤- Wang tunai RM20 [yanayani]
❤- Wang tunai RM20 [yana]
❤- Wang tunai RM10 x3 [Zaidatulazney]
❤- Wang tunai RM10 [Khaty]
❤- Wang tunai RM10 [sitiliza.aufa]
❤- Wang tunai RM10 [ikazulaikha]
❤- 2 dress and 1 bawal ruffle x1 [nurul]
❤- Tudung x1 [embun]
❤- Rempah ayam tandoori x1 [embun]
❤- Tudung bawal sequin x5 [mrspuex] 
❤- Tapak Iklan free selama sebulan [Syira]

Don't forget to click Giveaway PROJECT APRIL by Syira Lokman, click on the link. 

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

iPrice one stop shopping destination

With Internet access we can easily access from home and office. 
My friends and I like to check out deals online whenever we are free.
Being mommy of two boys, I know I need to find time to go shopping and it's difficult sometime to tag along my toddler. I find that my toddler wouldn't sit still in the trolley. I prefer online shopping as hassle free to find parking and queue at cashier counter. 

I saw this website iprice with coupon codes and offers to choose from. 
They have the timeline of on going and dates of coupon or deals expiry. 
Ongoing is Zalora Special Clearance with 70% markdown. 

I like this website as I find it user friendly and easy to browse.
With Categories available I find it easy to browse for things I am searching for. 
We can online shopping our kids, our man and upcoming Mother's Day present.

Mother's Day and Father's Day are few weeks away, have you decided what to purchase for your loved ones?

I like online shopping as it save money, no kidding imagine I need to travel to the place to find parking and queue to pay for the items. I don't like to be stuck in the mall finding a parking spot for my car for an hour, I have experienced this before and I don't like it. 
I remember I waited so long that I have to park for a while without a valid parking spot to rush to the restroom. I even told the security guard in duty that I will be back for my car, asking to help watch out my car for a while. 
Now you know why I prefer online shopping.

Say no more, now if you like to know more about iprice click on the link above for more info.