Friday, November 30, 2012

Busy delete pics from Picasa ALbum

Oh boy! I am uploading some pictures from event I went this morning. Sadly there's something that's stop me. The space limited and I need to start again to delete the pictures from Picasa Album. There's limit on how much storage space you can use!

Yeah I am busy delete one of my blogs pictures and they are over 500 pictures in just one blog! Can you guess which blog is it?

Okay gonna stop right now, need focus delete photo one by one.

Happy weekend to everyone!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blackmore 80 Deeds Campaign

 This is my entry to join the Blackmores 80 Deeds Campaign, you can click above image or go to their facebook for more detail.

Being mommy of two boys, I know it is not easy to take care of children and doing house chores at the same time. I have many clothes in my closet and I decided to clear most of them which I cannot fit in anymore. I was size M back then and now I am XL, plus size UK14 depend on the cutting of the clothes too. I am happy that I found my new and second hand clothes useful.

I bundle up the clothes and bags in big plastic bags and I decided to give them away. I gave them to a family of many sisters and young children. She's young mommy in her 20s with four children, and I was told she's expecting another baby. She seldom buys clothes because she only save the money for buying milk powder for her children. I told her she can either sell them away for keep it for herself. The clothes will be useful to her, I am so happy to see her smile when I handed her the bags, the clothes are mostly new as I only wore them few times. I even have bags for her to use, I know she will share them with her sister. She has two sisters, they are living with her single mother under one roof.

Talking of 80 Deeds campagin, if you like to take part click image above for detail.
Below picture of me with one of Blackmores product.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mom accompany son@primary school

This morning I was in a hurry and bring my son to school, when we reached there only I realised that I forgotten to put his name tag on his uniform. My son wanted to go back home and get the name tag, I know it would be rush and I don't want him to be late at school.

I saw the 7-11 nearby and I went in to shop for the safety pins and envelopes. Alright the envelopes are useless, but I remembered putting a card in my bag. I took out the card which thick like manila card and tear it into name card size. I then borrow the pen at the shop and written his name and school, not forget his class room. Yes I am done and just adding the pin to his uniform, he's ready to go!

My son even asks me why it's not purple colour, because his name tag is in purple colour. He was quite concern and I told him everything going to be okay. He explains to his teacher and teacher's say never mind to him. At first he didn't tell me where's purple, then only I know its purple colour.

Yeah today is a long day for me, accompany him whole day well not really with him all the time. But I was outside the school compound until he finished his class. I saw him having burger and yogurt drink for breakfast today, he told me he finished the burger. I saw some kids unable to finish and they bring back to class perhaps keep in bag to bring home eat.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Checking out bags and shoes

I cannot deny that it is what I am crazy of at the moment, checking out the bags and shoes. I have interest to find comfortable shoes and replacement of my bag. My leopard print bag is not the way like before because the side of it almost wants to broken I cannot use it as sling bag anymore. I prefer sling bag than shoulder bag because I find it is convenient for me.

I saw some nice shoes but sadly I cannot purchase them because they do not have my size. Some shoes are very pretty and comfortable but price just too much for me. Oh well wish me luck in hunting for shoes and bags!

I am died hard fans of sling bag, I know I need to get use to shoulder bag give me some times.

Happy Weekends to you!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Plus size black top!

What do you think of this black top above? I have not purchase this top, I am thinking if I want to purchase. After all this month is my birthday, yeah I am scopio baby!

Let me know what you think of this black top, I love it and didn't grab it. It is lasts two pieces I saw same colour. It is amazing I wore M size I think this cutting is big!

My friend asking me if they have S size but I only saw this size in M.