Monday, October 29, 2012

SEGMEN 2: Terjah, Follow, Menaik!!!

I love giveaway and I am joining SEGMEN 2: Terjah, Follow, Menaik!!! I am tagging my followers to join this giveaway.

This giveaway ends on 29 Nov, 2012.

2 winners - Top Up RM5
20 winners- bloglist at sidebar for a month
10 winners- blog review

Good luck!

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Hate the bottle! Cosmenique shower gel

I love the smell of the cosmenique shower gel, however I really dislike this bottle. I have hard time to press out the gel. The gel you can see in my palm so thick and the bottle so difficult to press it out. I bought the bottle using the voucher, I just top up some money for this brand.

I love shower gel and soap, I took shower twice a day and sometimes thrice if the weather too hot for me. Off topic I find out that my hair couldn't stand the rain, the other night I sleep at night I have itchy head so bad. I none stop scratch my head because at night rain fall and my head got wet with rain. I didn't take shower or wash my hair, bad action right?

Oh well I know I am not alone having the itchy hair if rain fall on head, how about you?

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fabulous Weekend

How's everyone today? Weekend I have lots of fun, Saturday we head to IMAX Sunway Pyramid to watch Frankenweenie. For the first time my dear and son go IMAX, we watched Frankenweenie using the passes we won. It is fun taking part in contest and win to see movie for free. In the evening we head home early after the movie because my sister-in-law and baby at home waiting for us.

Sunday we head to Nestle World Walking Day, our first time to go Presint 3, Putrajaya. Thank you my dear for going the healthy family walk, he does not know the route but we see the signboards on the road. We have got the free t-shirt yeah look at us wearing the shirts, the hats are from Guardian Walkathon 2012. I brought the hats along as I know it will be sunny day. Indeed hot sun and my dear need to hide my son's face, he keeps saying so hot.

We spotted the beautiful flower, I know I got to have pictures with the flowers. The seed of the flowers are big! We are like aliens never seen such beautiful flower! LOL

I am wearing the L size shirt, my sister-in-law wear XL and my dear XXL size.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Hello Kitty Mask giveaway

I am so you like to try this Hello Kitty mask for detail giveaway just click above image. Giveaway ends this Friday midnight.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Guess & Win Contest

I am so happy that my fridge finally out of the house for repair. But sadly there's a price to pay for it. I like you to Guess & Win on how much I need use to repair the fridge. The upper compartment of fridge the freezer no longer cold, so if I put any meat or nuggets inside or french fries are will turn soft! I have got the fridge repair before for down compartment and it cost RM600 or more that time. Yeah there's different between then and now. I am not sure how much it will be but I was told that if I don't want the fridge anymore I still need to pay RM80.

Oh well, I am hoping the fridge get repair soon if not I am unable to keep the overnight food. That's why now no cooking temporary as cannot left behind the food to keep. By the way there's movie review on movie I just saw TED, last night I got the chance to see premier with my dear. Comedy movie for 18 years and above.

Tonight yes another night I get to see premier Sinister! The other night I am unable to see premier of House at the end of the street. Another horror movie I unable to watch Mak Nak because I don't know how to go Tropicana City Mall. I try going there but I got lost and go home instead.

I watched Hotel Transylvania

Picture of me with Hotel Transylvania

Have you recognised anyone in above picture? Well one of them is me for sure, I got the chance to watch premier movies at eCurve and both pictures taken at same cinema it is eCurve. My dear gets to watch movie with me and eCurve we get to watch premier of The Bait, and The Resident Evil: Retribution.

Hotel Translyvania movie suitable for kids, so I brought my son to GSC Midvalley to see this movie. Dracula's (Adam Sandler) I love the part where he keeps saying disgusting about the eye! Selena Gomez also stars in this animated comedy. My son laughs through some parts of the movie.

This movie is about Dracula's build the hotel for monsters only away from the human being. But one day there's one human being show up and he knows he needs to hide him so he makeup the human being. Dracula's daughter is 118 years old. She falls in love with the human being.

I am sure you like to check out this movie to find out what happen if the monsters know there's a human being between them. I love the end of the story, it sure makes everyone want to move around and dance!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Need your help to like the pic

One thing I dont like about contest is like the picture, you need to Click the link to find out. Yeah even though i have six hundred friends but not easy to get fifty likes. Help me win a vocher of Ramen, oh well jsut try my luck here as only valid for first thirty people that done it. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Who needs body shaper?

This is about a giveaway going on at my blogger friend's blog, it is your chance to win a body shaper. Not just any body shaper it is Neubodi Body Shaper! No kidding head to her blog and find out now on how to win.

The Prizes

Grand Prize : Milan Body Sottile (worth RM899).

2nd Prize: Milan Hi Waist Derriere Lift (worth RM388) + a pack of bamboo charcoal panty (3S PANTY worth RM 69.90).

3rd Prize: Milan Mid Waist Derriere Lift - (worth RM 369).

This giveaway open for Malaysian only as you need to go Neubodi Paradigm mall if you are the winner. :D

I hope to have hour glass body, I gained so much weight after having baby. No kidding these days people are calling me auntie. One time visit my son's class and his classmate telling him that your mom is fat! I can't deny that I am not fat I am plus size mommy!

I am careful to choose clothing for me, not all clothes suitable for me. I need to check on their size and also whether they can fit me or not. Some clothes stated XL size but the cutting so small I can't wear it.