Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I watched Hotel Transylvania

Picture of me with Hotel Transylvania

Have you recognised anyone in above picture? Well one of them is me for sure, I got the chance to watch premier movies at eCurve and both pictures taken at same cinema it is eCurve. My dear gets to watch movie with me and eCurve we get to watch premier of The Bait, and The Resident Evil: Retribution.

Hotel Translyvania movie suitable for kids, so I brought my son to GSC Midvalley to see this movie. Dracula's (Adam Sandler) I love the part where he keeps saying disgusting about the eye! Selena Gomez also stars in this animated comedy. My son laughs through some parts of the movie.

This movie is about Dracula's build the hotel for monsters only away from the human being. But one day there's one human being show up and he knows he needs to hide him so he makeup the human being. Dracula's daughter is 118 years old. She falls in love with the human being.

I am sure you like to check out this movie to find out what happen if the monsters know there's a human being between them. I love the end of the story, it sure makes everyone want to move around and dance!

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