Monday, October 29, 2012

Hate the bottle! Cosmenique shower gel

I love the smell of the cosmenique shower gel, however I really dislike this bottle. I have hard time to press out the gel. The gel you can see in my palm so thick and the bottle so difficult to press it out. I bought the bottle using the voucher, I just top up some money for this brand.

I love shower gel and soap, I took shower twice a day and sometimes thrice if the weather too hot for me. Off topic I find out that my hair couldn't stand the rain, the other night I sleep at night I have itchy head so bad. I none stop scratch my head because at night rain fall and my head got wet with rain. I didn't take shower or wash my hair, bad action right?

Oh well I know I am not alone having the itchy hair if rain fall on head, how about you?

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