Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Who needs body shaper?

This is about a giveaway going on at my blogger friend's blog, it is your chance to win a body shaper. Not just any body shaper it is Neubodi Body Shaper! No kidding head to her blog and find out now on how to win.

The Prizes

Grand Prize : Milan Body Sottile (worth RM899).

2nd Prize: Milan Hi Waist Derriere Lift (worth RM388) + a pack of bamboo charcoal panty (3S PANTY worth RM 69.90).

3rd Prize: Milan Mid Waist Derriere Lift - (worth RM 369).

This giveaway open for Malaysian only as you need to go Neubodi Paradigm mall if you are the winner. :D

I hope to have hour glass body, I gained so much weight after having baby. No kidding these days people are calling me auntie. One time visit my son's class and his classmate telling him that your mom is fat! I can't deny that I am not fat I am plus size mommy!

I am careful to choose clothing for me, not all clothes suitable for me. I need to check on their size and also whether they can fit me or not. Some clothes stated XL size but the cutting so small I can't wear it.

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