Tuesday, September 25, 2012

No smoking please!!

Good morning everyone the rain just stop here, I am feeling tired as it is my second day of PMS too. Anyway above picture is my baby boy he's got the yellow sunglasses from a diaper that I bought. I love freebie, the diaper pants cost less than RM30 and got free a pair of free sunglasses. :D

I have decided to edit his picture because there's smoker in restaurant that not consider about kids at all. Even they are just sitting next to our table, they none stop smoking! Oh boy, we wanted to move to another table but there's no sit available.

It is worst being a second hand smoker, my dad's colleague passed away due to that. He left a wife and two boys. The smoker just don't care and keep smoking, I saw grandmother smoking next to her grandchild. Do you think the person is good roll model to their kids?

My bro is smoker too but he wouldn't smoking in front of his kids. He would go far away from the kids. A friend was a smoker due to his grandmother smoker, he smoking since he was a kid. His smoking gets bad when he smokes more than a pack of a day.

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