Monday, September 10, 2012

Two giveaways in September!

This giveaway I put MBB 2nd giveaway as you can see above picture, well I thought of My Baby's Best hehe.. that's why got this. To take part giveaway just click above banner, giveaway open to blogger with address in Malaysia.

Above picture consist of two items for baby, two items for mom the DIY beads cell phone charm and handphone pouch. It is wonderful prize to win for your friends too!

Another giveaway at my blog which is mostly of skin care, yeah I shared at my blog about skin care products I have used. Now there's giveaway too click below banner to take part, giveaway open to blogger with address in Malaysia.

Below picture consist of two skin care products, one of them is the anti aging kit of Decleor. One Mickey Mouce badge, two fish handmade cell phone charms made by me. :D

I love giveaway so much and I know it is time to have giveaway for my wonderful followers, sorry for International readers.

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