Tuesday, September 18, 2012

One pass of Resident Evil:Retribution giveaway

Good afternoon to my lovely readers, how are you today? Soon I am going to fetch my boy from school. I am happy this month because I have won two passes to see Resident Evil: Retribution and a Resident Evil: Retribution t-shirt. I love t-shirt I never get enough of it, I remembered a girl saying that she does not like t-shirt because she has too many of them. Some of my t-shirt I wore for many years, the t-shirts come with memory too. I saw some pictures of the t-shirt that my bro wore it and then my turn. 

Yesterday morning I saw the movie for second time, I still have one pass of Resident Evil: Retribution you can see only at IMAX 3D, there is 3D glasses to wear to see the movie. I saw this movie at IMAX 3D in Sunway Pyramid. My first time to see movie in IMAX 3D it is totally different, you need to see it for yourself to know the difference.

You get to see Li Bingbing, she is Ada Wong in the movie. I love Michelle Rodriguez, so good to see her back in action! Milla Jovovich as Alice, I am sure you remembered her! She's the super woman in the movie.

Now to share my happiness with my readers, one of you get the chance to win One pass of Resident Evil: Retribution from me. To win this one pass from me, is easy you must be GFC follower of this blog and post this giveaway at your blog link to this post and my blog I Luv Contest.

Don't forget to leave your
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You must have an address in Selangor, Malaysia so I can post you the one pass to see Resident Evil: Retribution.

Good luck!

I will not be responsible for the lost or damage of the one pass Resident Evil: Retribution, I am gonna use the Pos Express to post to winner.


mi$$ch0c0laTe said...

only 1pass? perhaps have two so i can watch with myfriend :)

Sherry said...

yes only one pass because I used one already to see the movie yesterday. My first time to see it in IMAX 3D, consider this one pass FOC You share with your friend to buy another pass to see it. :D

IMAX 3D price you may check online.

mi$$ch0c0laTe said...

how much its the ticket? whre can watch the movie..

AkmaFaizal said...

i want that pass

my link post: http://akmanakmenang.blogspot.com/2012/09/one-pass-of-resident-evilretribution.html

thanks :)

AkmaFaizal said...

done edit..hehe :)

mi$$ch0c0laTe said...

try my chance :) but when the due date expired to use this...


Sherry said...

the pass is valid as long there is show at the TGV IMAX 3D for see resident evil:retribution.