Thursday, June 27, 2013

Monsters University Fun Book giveaway

I love giveaway and here's your chance to win Monsters University Fun Book and mechanical pencils. Click on the image to find out.

 My baby just turned two year old, he's holding Iron Man mask. He loves it so much, he can says Iron Man for many times.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Follow me on Instagram

I didn't believe it but I did it again?! Yes what is it about? I handmade the Ocean costumes for my children and they won a Prize. Yeah I am so proud of them for wearing it.

Last week I won a pair of movie passes Man of Steel, yeah watching this movie in TGV Beanieplex. It is theme for Superman mean you will need to wear red/blue. I have blue top with cute kitten on it, I hand sew the red cape to match it. Wearing the red cape while watching the movie, I know it will be useful indeed son was feeling cold and I gave him to cover his legs.

I didn't believe it but I did it again! I won being second best dress with my son. :D

For more detail you can click above link to read. You can also follow me on instagram sherry go

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Exactrank showing at my blog?

I can't believe this but I find that my blogs disturb by Do you see this show up at my blog when visit my blog? I saw it and it is disturbing how can I get rid of it?

Friday, June 14, 2013

Saya Nak Menang 30 Helai T-shirt Free

 I hope I can win the 30 pieces of t-shirt for free from T-SHIRT MUDAH TERENGGANU, imagine the fantastic giveaway I am going to have at my blog. Yeah I can even choose to hold this giveaway with my blogger friend. We'll see how it goes, or I can just hold giveaway at my blogs because I have many blogs so I can just make use of the t-shirts that I won. :D
Happy just thinking of it even though I am not winner yet, t-shirt printing affordable and many choice to choose from if you have visit their website you will know of it.
T-Shirt Mudah Terengganu, is the website you can browse.
It will be a dream comes true for my blog giveaway, yeah plenty of free t-shirt to giveaway if this happen. You know how much I can save from printing one tee at one time, now talk about 30 t-shirts!
You can also read here about post of T-Shirt Printing Mudah from T-Shirt Mudah Terengganu.

T-shirt Printing Murah dari T-shirt Mudah Terengganu

Who likes t-shirt? If your answer is yes, check out how you can get T-shirt Printing Murah dari T-shirt Mudah Terengganu.

Let's check out for t-shirt printing murah, murah means cheap in English.

This is fun just look at the Prizes!
1. One lucky participant gets sponsored of 30 pieces of t-shirt for their Giveaway (they get to pick the size and cost courier bear by sponsor)
2. Winner gets two free t-shirts of their own, any size of their choice.
3. Three Top Referral will get a mug of their own design, yes each of them!
Below in Malay language.
  1. Seorang pemenang bertuah akan di-sponsor 30 helai t-shirt untuk GA mereka (saiz t-shirt + kos courier ditanggung oleh kami)
  2. Pemenang itu juga akan mendapat 2 helai tshirt free untuk diri mereka sendiri (saiz tshirt pilihan sendiri)
  3. Tiga orang Top Referral akan mendapat sebiji mug design sendiri, setiap seorang.
For more detail can click on the link above for detail.


Friday, June 7, 2013

Made baby octoups & sea dragon costume

Are you busy this afternoon? If not head to Paradigm Mall at Kelana Jaya. I made two costumes for y boys and can't believe that both of them chosen into final 8. Yeah they need to perform like 10 minutes on stage.

You can check out Name Sherry for the pictures of costumes.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Giveaway Wacoal panties

I love giveaway, how about you? You can check out My Mom's Best to find out. It is open to everyone to join as long you have a two year old blog.

Oh yeah there is 100 free mascara giveaway for Malaysian only. Click on the link to find out.