Friday, June 14, 2013

Saya Nak Menang 30 Helai T-shirt Free

 I hope I can win the 30 pieces of t-shirt for free from T-SHIRT MUDAH TERENGGANU, imagine the fantastic giveaway I am going to have at my blog. Yeah I can even choose to hold this giveaway with my blogger friend. We'll see how it goes, or I can just hold giveaway at my blogs because I have many blogs so I can just make use of the t-shirts that I won. :D
Happy just thinking of it even though I am not winner yet, t-shirt printing affordable and many choice to choose from if you have visit their website you will know of it.
T-Shirt Mudah Terengganu, is the website you can browse.
It will be a dream comes true for my blog giveaway, yeah plenty of free t-shirt to giveaway if this happen. You know how much I can save from printing one tee at one time, now talk about 30 t-shirts!
You can also read here about post of T-Shirt Printing Mudah from T-Shirt Mudah Terengganu.

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T-shirt Mudah Terengganu said...

Salam...terima kasih sebab join segmen ni. Jgn lupa tengok keputusan segmen Sponsor T-shirt for Blogger #3 yang akan diumumkan pada 17 Jun nanti.