Friday, June 14, 2013

T-shirt Printing Murah dari T-shirt Mudah Terengganu

Who likes t-shirt? If your answer is yes, check out how you can get T-shirt Printing Murah dari T-shirt Mudah Terengganu.

Let's check out for t-shirt printing murah, murah means cheap in English.

This is fun just look at the Prizes!
1. One lucky participant gets sponsored of 30 pieces of t-shirt for their Giveaway (they get to pick the size and cost courier bear by sponsor)
2. Winner gets two free t-shirts of their own, any size of their choice.
3. Three Top Referral will get a mug of their own design, yes each of them!
Below in Malay language.
  1. Seorang pemenang bertuah akan di-sponsor 30 helai t-shirt untuk GA mereka (saiz t-shirt + kos courier ditanggung oleh kami)
  2. Pemenang itu juga akan mendapat 2 helai tshirt free untuk diri mereka sendiri (saiz tshirt pilihan sendiri)
  3. Tiga orang Top Referral akan mendapat sebiji mug design sendiri, setiap seorang.
For more detail can click on the link above for detail.


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