Saturday, December 29, 2012

Giveaway Akhir Tahun 2012 dan Awal Tahun 2013

I love giveaway and I am joining this, hopefully I am in luck to win. :D

The moments I cannot forget in year 2012, they are the following:
1. Join Guardian Charity Walkathon 2012
2. Join Nestle World Walking Day
3. Winning passes to see movie with friend and loved ones
4. Giveaway in my blogs
5. Attend PGH hi-tea party
6. Attend workshop and beauty event
7. Attend LG party at GSC The Gardens, Midvalley

My wish for year 2013, happy and healthy and continue doing things I love.

Giveaway is open to blogger with address in Malaysia.

Giveaway ends on 24 Jan 2013.

Click above banner to take part!






5.BLOG Review di Blog Neeza.(5 PEMENANG)

6.BLOG Review di Blog Shasha.(4 PEMENANG)

7.Package Ruangan Iklan dekat blog Xiao selama 1 bulan. (2 PEMENANG)

8.Bloglist Dalam Blog Neeza selama 3 bulan. (10 PEMENANG)

9.Bloglist Dalam Blog Shasha selama 1 Tahun. (1 PEMENANG)

10.Limited Edition Rubix Bag worth RM69.00 oleh The Sisters Shopping House. (1 PEMENANG)

11.Purse GUCCI berwarna pink atau merah yang bernilai RM90.00 oleh Lucky Love. ( 1 PEMENANG)

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Life of Pi movie passes giveaway!

Dear readers I hope you have a wonderful day, now let's take part to win Life of Pi movie passes giveaway. You can click on the link above for detail.

It is a nice movie I seen it with my son, he may not understand the front part of the movie but we enjoy the movie. The movie where a boy named Pi and a tiger named Richard Parker, they are the only survivor of the ship wrecked!

Interesting movie to watch with loved ones, my friend is going to watch with her kid. How about you?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

In and out of hospital

I am tired as my dear has been admitted to hospital because he has shit blood for many times. I am in and out of hospital to visit him, the doctor will do procedure on him later.

I need to hit bed and rest a while.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Who wanna try Method products?

Yeah Method products are available and you can find out now on how to win Method giveaway by a friend of mine. If you are a mom, I am sure you know it is not easy job to maintain household clean. Now find out how Method can help you!

Click on above link to join, good luck!

Giveaway open to resident with address in Malaysia.

Christmas Giveaway:cute top, Hello Kitty shoes stud and more

Hello everyone, how are you doing? I have not been feeling well and I am on medicine but I never forget my blog. Hehe.. still take some time to update it. Now check out the Christmas Giveaway for chance to win cute top, preloved nail polish, Hello Kitty shoes stud and others.

Giveaway is open to everyone to take part. I want to update you on a Facebook contests it is at Wevents, looks like they have over 30 participants to win the Clarins workshop but still have other goodies giveaway. You may check Wevents Facebook for info.

In the mean time, I have to delete pictures from Picasa Album once again my album is fulled! Looks like I need to resize the pictures to upload in posts.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Join Yvonner's Mystery Christmas Giveaway open to International

I love giveaway and I am taking part to join Yvonne's Mystery Christmas Giveaway you can take part too. I bet you love to join this giveaway because it is open to international, no kidding I am taking part so can you!

Giveaway ends on 26 December 2012, for detail giveaway just click above image, good luck to you!