Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mom accompany son@primary school

This morning I was in a hurry and bring my son to school, when we reached there only I realised that I forgotten to put his name tag on his uniform. My son wanted to go back home and get the name tag, I know it would be rush and I don't want him to be late at school.

I saw the 7-11 nearby and I went in to shop for the safety pins and envelopes. Alright the envelopes are useless, but I remembered putting a card in my bag. I took out the card which thick like manila card and tear it into name card size. I then borrow the pen at the shop and written his name and school, not forget his class room. Yes I am done and just adding the pin to his uniform, he's ready to go!

My son even asks me why it's not purple colour, because his name tag is in purple colour. He was quite concern and I told him everything going to be okay. He explains to his teacher and teacher's say never mind to him. At first he didn't tell me where's purple, then only I know its purple colour.

Yeah today is a long day for me, accompany him whole day well not really with him all the time. But I was outside the school compound until he finished his class. I saw him having burger and yogurt drink for breakfast today, he told me he finished the burger. I saw some kids unable to finish and they bring back to class perhaps keep in bag to bring home eat.

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