Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Where do you seek help?

Tell me where do you seek help when you need it. The help which I am referring to is when you have got not enough money. Sometimes when it comes to emergency the first person that I think of will be my family. I will seek help either from my dad or sister. I know my sister often seeking help from my dad.

I remembered a friend called me a few years back. She was my classmate that I have not kept in touch for long time. Suddenly she called me up saying that she needed money. I asked her why and she told me that her boyfriend has problem with his financial. She has been going around asking her friends for help. I am not sure if her boyfriend knows about it.

Sometimes when it comes to emergency and you don't know who can help you. I know most friends and family will turn away if they know you are want to borrow money. Just like my friend who wanted to borrow money from me. It's an amount which I can't afford and do not have on hand.

With Internet access today, we can check out the website with Payday Loans . Some friends are reluctant to seek help from family and friends. What they will do is check out the website like payday loans.

Tell me where do you seek help when you need money.

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