Thursday, December 11, 2008

Not enough cash

Some friends recently telling me that they do not have enough cash. I know that they are working hard to earn money. They only able to get their salary during end of the month. So what they do if they do not have enough money. They told me that they will used their credit card for spending.

I know that you can use credit cards to pay for bills as well. This is one of my friend is doing to settle the monthly payment. I know he still needs to pay the credit card payment. He is thinking about comparing other credit cards. I know there are website where you can compare credit cards online. He is interested to find out if he can transfer his current reward points to another credit card. This way he will not lose the points, or else he will need to use the points to redeem item.

My sister is using her credit card at petrol station. She did not used cash but credit cards because it's more convenient for her. She does not like to bring a lot of money out. Having a credit card is good and there is a huge responsibility in handling it as well. So remember spend wise using the credit cards.

Some of my friends love shopping and they told me they can't resist buying what they like. Now they might face having the bad credits. Anyway most website that we can check out today is available for people with good credit, and bad credit.

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