Friday, December 26, 2008

It' is going to be triple celebration

First I like to say that I am so excited that my contest is going to start soon. It is going to be a triple celebration and I am still thinking of the title for the contest. It is about my blog post reach 400th post. Also the new looked on this blog as well as the New Year of 2009. As you can see the current post is only 396, pretty soon it is going to be 400th post.

I am so happy that I have got 89 items on the list. There are EC, ad space, text links, banner, and blog header. This is going to be contest that everyone be looking forward to take part. Right now, I think everyone is having a holiday mood.

This December everyone must have spent a lot money on buying gifts and presents. I know this is a busy month for everyone. Did you manage to control your spending? When comes to money, where do you seek help? I do seek help from family as they are the first person I will approach.

I know some of my friends do not like to seek help from family. To them friends will be the one they first approach for help. If friends are willing to help that is great. Sometimes even friends helping out will not be enough. That is why some people have turn to online loans like Payday Loans ABC . It is where they get a fast cash advance loan up to $1,500 delivered into their checking account within 24 hours. That is why we need to control our spending. Some money are mean to use for emergencies.


janelle said...

hey sherry!

thanks for informing me about your contest.

anyway, do you still need a contest sponsor? i know it's not that much but i can offer the following:
- 500 ec
- 1 month 125x125 banner ad
- 1 month 468x60 banner ad

drop a line at my site if i'm included as a sponsor :) thanks!

Sherry said...

janelle, you are one of sponsor now :) thank you