Friday, June 19, 2009

Michael and Victor Wong

Tell me if you listen to mandarin songs, above are Michael and Victor Wong. They are famous singers but they are no longer singing together. When I listen to their song for the first time, I fall in love with their songs.

I remember having their album with me when I was in Melbourne, Australia. I was staying at my uncle place. Don't get wrong as I am not there for study the place was for me to cure myself. I was very sad and unhappy as I failed to continue the course that my dad wanted me to do. It is sad that the college not willing to return the money that my dad paid for the whole course.

I have my walkman with me and their album so passing my time was listening to the songs.


yanjiaren said...

I love Chinese songs but never heard of these two. I will ask Hubby if he knows them.

Sherry said...

they are local singers :) Malaysians.