Thursday, October 8, 2009

What is e cigarettes?

Some of my friends are smokers, they are looking for cheaper way to smoke. We know that smoking is not healthy but somehow people are still smoking. If there is a way to reduce using the cigarettes, will you try it? Now therea are e cigarettes, you can see more at the website.

Real cigarettes consist of 4000 chemicals as for e cigarettes which consist less than 20 chemicals. Some of my friends are smoker and they do not know about the e cigarettes, I will let them know to check out the starter kit bundles. There are no ashes from e cigs and the smoke is not stinky.

Cigarettes are getting expensive with e cigarettes batteries, imagine how much you can save from using the cigarettes. I know most of my friends like to calculate on how much they spend, there is saving calculator available. Some people might just prefer disposable cigarettes, there are disposable e cigarettes available at the site.

If you know any friend that interested to quit smoking or you like them to smoke less. This can be a nice Christmas gift for them. The e cigs do not burn and no ashes, there will be no more mess up the place.

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