Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh No, my blogs got virus and blogs go blank!

I love blogging more than anything else. Just checking on my other blogs and I see that not only contained the virus HxxR but my other blogs got it too.

Sherry Contest



What is going on and how come my blogs contained virus?

One friedns told me that it is the blogs server got virus not my computer. :(

Want to update I have got one response with the following, my question malware? what is that and how I know that is the one. :(

One of the gadgets or cute little animations you have installed is malware. Go to your template and remove everything that isn't a Google or Blogger gadget, especially anything you installed lately. The problem should go away when you have deleted the culprit.

Edit, now everyone I just want to update you that I manage to fix it. Yay!!


mandatorybloghere said...

did you figure out how you got the virus?

Sherry said...

I just post up