Monday, March 1, 2010

Photography of Ruth Orkin

Recently I fall in love with photography as we can make use of the camera to snap beautiful pictures. Talking about photography, I am checking out the Orkin Photo Archieve. It is handling by photographer's daughter Mary Engel since 1985. I like to view the photography at this site, they are all pretty and unique.

You can see the categories available on this site and when you click on it you will see more pictures inside. If you Celebrities you will find the pictures of them there. Luciell Ball, Kirk Douglas, Lana Turner, Judy Holiday, Woody Allen, and many more on the site. There are many photos on this site and most of them are black and white but there is also Early Colour and Colour available.

If you browse info on biography of Ruth Orkin, she was photojournalist and filmmaker. She struggle with cancer and passed away in her apartment. If you like to read more take a visit to this site.

I like to visit this site to view the photos at the blog header, if you visit her blog you will see that the image of the header will often change. For your information, this site is devoted for photojournalist Ruth Orkin.

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