Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I lost

I won a contest last year where I can have eight months usage on domain and hosting. Yesterday I find out that I no longer able to view iblogaholic as the domain expires on 24 May, 2010. Anyway as I recall of my winning, the blogger did not transfer the domain to me. The domain is still under her and the hosting is pink host.

Many times I have email them to ask about transfer of hosting as I prefer to put under hosting that my other blogs using but there is no reply. I just want my blog back!

Now I really feel that I have lost Other than this blog, I find out that pinkyposh. Remember this blog that I won from contest as well? I only manage to use it for a month then I cannot go this blog anymore. Now the turn out to be a jewelry blog! The blogger that given me this blog also missing. I won the domain and hosting from her contest for a year but she went missing? Before that she told me she's going on holiday.


Cakeblast said...

That's horrible! Why would she even hold a giveaway like that if she wasn't going to follow through with her end of the deal? Of course you don't know. Sorry to hear about that.

Sherry said...

yeah its sad anyway she contacted me.