Thursday, July 29, 2010

Win a pair of Julia Shoes at, the largest retailer of prom dresses. I know with Internet access today, I can easily find prom dresses and accessories. It is important to have the prom shoes for the prom night. I am happy to tell you that you can win a pair of shoes Julia from One lucky winner gets away with a pair of shoes Julia worth $69.00. I know it is every girl dream to own the prom shoes.

To take part you need to do the following, be my follower and become fans.

This giveaway is open for everybody to take part, Adrian of will send a pair of shoes Julia to the winner. Now don't forget to leave your follower ID name and Facebook ID, don't forget to leave me your email address so I can contact you if you win. I will be choosing the winner using the
Giveaway ends on 29 July, 2010 at 10pm (Malaysia Time).


Karen Chayne said...

Hi sis!

I'm joining this fabulous give away.

I followed you through google connect - kayeshayne

my facebook name - Karen Chayne Sanchez

my email address - kayeshayne21 at yahoo dot com


tiefazatie said...

hye sis sherry!
me join it odi!
awesome giveaway dear..=)

my id name : tiefazatie

facebook id: tiefazatie

my email:

wish me luck sis..=)

Mommy Rubz said...

Hello Sherry!

I'm joining your fabulous give away courtesy of!!

Followed you through Google Friend Connect - Mommy Rubz

My Facebook Name - Rubz Ricafrente

My email address - mommyrubz at yahoo dot com

Thank you so much!!

melandria romero said...

ooh , i so love the shoes. Hope i win,

I am a Promgirl fan,

facebook profile

Ria Rosaura Romero

I am a follower of your blog too.

kat said...

I am in now...

I am a Promgirl fan now.

FB ID - Kat Schulz!/?ref=home

I am a follower of your name is Kat.

I blog it here:

My email add:

Wish me luck sis. hehe

Wendy Pua said...

Nice Shoe!

I am a Promgirl fan,

facebook profile

Wendy Pua

I am a follower of your blog too.

Mommy Jes said...

thanks she! add me to your blogroll ok...ill add you to! =) tahnks!

Verna Luga said...

Hi She, just posted mine.. joining...


FB ID: Verna Liza Luga
Follower ID... Vernz

vlyluga at gmail dot com

Thanks for this sis...

zh3en22 said...

Count me in, im joining this giveaway

blog about this here

my follower ID zh3en22(google connect)

My facebook ID zh3en22 (

my email address zh3en22(at)yahoo(dot)com or 16darkangel(at)gmail(dot)com

Sherry Go Sharing said...
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Rechie said...

hello sis, thanks for inviting me to this contest...

i followed u through google connect and became a fan of Promgirl in facebook

Google Connect ID: Chie Wilks
Facebook name/ID: Chie Wilks

ladymishel said...

Hi I'm joining =)

blog follower: Ladymishel

I am fan of Promgirl @ facebook


Unknown said...

enter me pls. im ur new follower via gfc. and i like promgirlnet pages on fb, fb name ipeh busman
thanks :D

anin said...

count me in
really want one

my follower ID: anin
my FB name: farhanin abdullah
my mail:

seth said...

i'm in!

I followed you through google connect - seth

my facebook name - Seth Omana

my email address -


Jasmine1485 said...

I'm a follower via Google (Jasmine1485) and I'm a fan of Prom Girl on Facebook (Kate Ryan)

Kate1485 at

BrendaLea, the Prpldy said...

GFC follower - prpldy
'liked' PromGirl on FB - BrendaLea A

prpldy (at) comcast dot net

angelrhona said...

I joined the contest:

im a follower and my ID: angelrhona
facebook name: rhona doce
email address: angelrhona at gmail dot com
thanks for this nice giveaway, good luck to all of us.

angelrhona said...


GFC follower: angelrhona
facebook name: rhona doce
email address:

thank you for this nice giveaway. good luck to all.

jules67 said...

Hi, I wanna join :)

1) follower : GFC jules67
2) facebook name: julie.vilbar
3) email :

nice shoes...........:)


Marice said...

thanks for the invites sis!

- im a follower now as mizhelle
- a fan of as


♥ MomieQueen ♥ said...

Count me in.. I love shoes and this is fab.. hope to win.

Blog about it here:

Im already a fan :)

>Facebook name: Gracey Morales
>Follower: Prettymom
>email add: edgracemorales(at)yahoo(dot)com

Unknown said...
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Shasha said...

Hi, follower through GFC (shasha)
My facebook ID Natasha L.


Unknown said...

Hello there:

1) follower :
GFC: 0910beh

2) facebook name:
Frances Tracy Lachica Villaruel

3) email :

I love the shoes. :)

Unknown said...

Hello there!

I'm a follower via GFC.
(username: 0910beh)

I've also became a fan on FB.
(username: Frances Tracy Lachica Villaruel)

email address:

I love the shoes. :)

ummuabdullahsyaakir said...

Hi sis!

I'm joining this give away.

I followed you through google connect - ummuabdullahsyaakir

my facebook name - Roh Aini

my email address

July 3, 2010 4:57 AM

Genefaith said...

thanks for the invitation sis...I joined already and became a fan of

follower ID: genejosh
facebook ID:


hope I'll win:)

AM said...

i'm join this giveaway!

Follower ID : AROL DSHW

Facebook ID : Arol Mubin

Email :


jo said...

Hi Sherry,

Am joining this great give away. :D

I'm a follower - joanyee

my facebook name - Joan Yee
my email address - joanyee at yahoo dot com


Unknown said...

Looks like the contest is going to end soon, good luck to the winner

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Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hello Sherry!
i'm joining this awesome giveaway!

Follower ID : devi da lil Devil

Facebook ID : Devidalildevil

Email :

Ľubaša said...

I follow this blog via GFC (as Lubaska)
FB fan (Ľubica Kotmániková)
Thanks for a chnace to win.:-) Lubica

lubaska dot k at gmail dot com

Unknown said...

Followed using PyNiC
Liked the fb using Pei Yun Tan
my email: ^^

Lucky Finds said...

Love this shoe pair. It's so gorgeous!

I follow your blog
I'm a Promgirl Facebook fan

facebook name: emiliana sison
posted this giveaway on my FB wall

emiliana.sison AT

fedhz said...

Hello, sherry! thanks for the invite:

follow - Fedhz Aquino
facebook - Fedhz Aquino
email - fudhz at yahoo dot com

Sherry Go Sharing said...

giveaway ends at 10pm!

Zedvick said...

Hello, care to xchange links?
I know this looks like a spam. but i dont see a chatbox in your blog, so i posted here,

you may delete this as desired :D thanks