Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Fashion accessories: hats

I am sure you know that hats are one of the accessories for woman today. I know they are many types of hat, tell me what do you think of the balloon hats. Woman can have many different type and style of hats. They are many designed of hats today and balloon hats are one of the chic, trendy and up to date.

Hats are not only worn for protection against the sun, sometimes even used in the rainy days. I don't have a balloon hat to show you, I know my hat is not balloon hat style. You can Google online to see the image of balloon hats, you can also click on the link above to see the balloon hat. My hat is nothing like balloon hat, I visited this site and find out the construction of balloon hat.

When I think of the balloon hats I think of the movie Around the World in 80 Days. I am sure you remember the floated balloon in this movie acted by Jackie Chan. Balloon hat is part of the fashion today it is fashion accessory, balloon hats not only for woman but also man today. I remember I saw some Celebrity wearing the balloon hat but I cannot remember who.

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