Thursday, December 2, 2010

Check out electric cigarette

I don't know if you know anyone that is smoker. I know a few friends that are smokers and they having hard time to quit on smoking. My brother is a smoker too and he started smoking many years ago. With technology today we can find the electric cigarette if you search the information online.

My dad's friend passed away because he was second hand smoker. This is serious as it related to health nobody wants to see family member or friend suffer. My mom used to smoke and I know how difficult it is for her to quit smoking. I don't know how much additional additive chemicals added into cigarette these days.

For the love for healthy of family and friends, I urge you to check out the electric cigarette, smoking e-cigarettes does not produce the tar or carcinogens associated with tobacco. My best friend is a smoker too and she has interest to quit smoking but she didn't know about electric cigarette.

With e-cigarettes you are able to get the nicotine fix and without getting the smelling like cigarettes. Christmas is coming up and if you cannot think of anything for your loved one think of electric cigarette, this is for better health of your loved one. Imagine the price of paying for a pack of cigarette now.

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