Sunday, May 27, 2012

June VanityTrove beauty pampering

Beauty pampering time and I have got my hands on the June Vanity Trove, they looks so good! This beautiful surprises is all the way from Singapore. I paid RM60 for the subscription, just try out a month to see how it is like. Yeah the price is kind of expensive, I was having doubt to subscribed or not. They are total eight items I received in this month Vanity Trove. One of the beauty items Dirty Works Go Balmy! Berry Lip Balm.
I will described more detail when I have the time. Now listen up for only $25 each month, subscribe to receive a trove delivered right to your doorstep each month. You can create an account to receive the latest updates about their events, beauty news, and other fun stuff. If you don't know what to surprise your loved ones, try Vanity Trove today.

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fienna said...

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