Monday, April 29, 2013

Review: Colored chalk for hair

It was a fun day for mother and son, yeah we decided to try the coloured hair chalk which I won. I won only two coloured chalk color of light blue and dark blue. Above picture you can see the result of the colour chair for hair, yeah it doesn't see much colour. I used it on my hair directly, I didn't put on any water. There is no instruction on how to use it at all. :(

My son loves the colour so much, yeah he wants to show it. :D

It is only for temporary hair colour, it can be wash off with shampoo. I am not alone using the coloured chalk for hair, my sister-in-law too have the coloured chalk for hair but she wet her hair to do it and the result is much better! :D

It is recommended to use them on wet hair not the dry hair.

Picture above of my son and I tried the product on dry hair.

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