Thursday, August 1, 2013

Fashion Frenzy; Budget Savings

When building or adding to your existing wardrobe, you can be fashion conscious while still paying attention to your budget. Here are just a few ideas to get you started.
1) Small Area; Big Impact. Remember that, as a man, you can achieve a large impact with fairly small, inexpensive items. Since men’s suit, pants and shirt styles stay relatively stable, those articles of clothing do not need to be replaced or changed often. However, three different ties with different color schemes can take one suit and shirt and make them look like three. You can experiment with colors on ties from season to season if you want, without a huge outlay in cost. This year, for example, emerald green and turquoise based colors are very popular. Another small area with a big impact is socks, which allow you to get a splash of color for a small price. Colorful socks with unique patterns and shapes on them are in vogue this year. For a suit, the pocket kerchief you place in the front pocket is another area where a splash of color can make a big difference.

2) Shop Sales. A $40-$50 dollar pair of jeans can fit as well as a $75 pair of jeans. The main difference is that you will have to search farther and wider for the more inexpensive pair. Almost every clothing store has sales at the end of every season to clear out inventory for the arrival of new. Sales also frequently occur around major holidays like Christmas and Labor Day. For that brave soul willing to risk it, one especially good day for sales is the day after Christmas. Just be careful – it gets brutal out there!

3) The Internet. When shopping for basics that you don’t need to see before you buy, such as underwear, remember the check the internet as well as local stores for deals. One good web site for mens boxer briefs is, a site which sells boxers and briefs at the cutting edge of men’s fashion and technology. Many of the clothing items at come with padded pouches in the front for support, comfort and a look you will be happy with. Others come with padded rears to show your body type most effectively. Some come with both.

4) BOGO. Look for buy one get one free deals. Shoe stores often have them, and lately even some high end clothing retailers, such as Joshua A. Banks are having such sales on their suits.

5) Take the Long View. Stop and think before purchasing an item. If you are going to buy a pair of socks, which you would expect to wear out sooner rather than later, economize all that you like without too much deference to quality. If you are buying a work suit, though, you are basically making a long term investment in your wardrobe. Sometimes it is better if you don’t buy the least expensive item – lesser quality equals less wear time. A suit is one of those items that you hope to be able to wear for years, so concentrate on as much quality as you can afford. This fact does not mean that you need to go out immediately and buy $3000 dollar suits – not many people do that, anyhow. What it does mean is that you need to take a minute to examine the next suit that you buy between $150 to $500 dollars to be sure it is solidly constructed and will wear well. If it won’t, skip the savings and move on to another store. Happy shopping!

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