Sunday, December 8, 2013

Horse betting in Selangor Turf Club

I have fun last weekend, yes I attended the Sasa Ladies Day. This is my first time in Selangor Turf Club where the event held. I saw many people having interest to bet on their favourite horses. Some of my friends bet on the horses, some of them have a good guess on which horse is winning! Guess I am not so sure of which horse has the good track record.

Beside horses betting, we can to see jewelries fashion show.

My friend and I left the event around 4.15pm, sad to say one friends lost her ticket for redemption of goodie bag and her door gift which is a pen type of looking lipstick! Talking of this pen, I couldn't locate mine. :( I am not sure if anyone gone through my bag while I am away from the table.


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